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Zoidberg DIY/Art Blog

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Hello, Hello!

Forums have always been a great source of information for us, but we have never been active members on one until now. Perhaps this is because we had not found a community that was particularly relevant to us, or perhaps because we are both anti-social to a certain extent; we just kind of prefer to live in our own little happy world we have created in our peaceful home. We are branching out a bit on this forum and do enjoy the atmosphere and our ability to contribute even though we are just beginners.

So the idea of a blog is new and interesting to us. DIY and are Art are two ongoing events in our lives and we'd like to share some of our projects with you. To start a thread for each project seemed a little out of place, even though there is an Art section in the Networking area of the forum. A blog seems like a more organized way to share all our DIY/Art projects in one place and a neat way to give updates.

We are very frugal and avid DIY-ers which compliment each other nicely. If you have read our previous post "First Attempt at Planetary Elixirs", you will have read that Mrs. Zoidberg is working on an art project that is relevant to our Alchemy work and Mr. Zoidberg is the go to guy when our lab needs something designed and built, he also enjoys dabbling in artistic creation from time to time, especially with wood and music.

Our first blog entries will be about the following: DIY Lab Frame for Mounting Lab Glassware (Why spend $200 on a lab frame when you can make one for $20?), Containers for Planetary Elixirs, and Experiments with Crystal Healing Jewelry. Sometime in the far future, our lab will move to its very own building and we are planning on having this be a Solar Lab, that is, it will be completely powered by the Sun!

We are still learning about how to post correctly and as this is our first blog attempt ever, so things might not be as polished as a other blogs that you might have read. Here goes nothing!

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Updated 10-07-2013 at 03:26 PM by Dr.Zoidberg

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  1. Awani's Avatar
    Awani -
    Nice you got this going! Then I can try out this comment field to see how that works...