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My book, soon published (in french).

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My dear friends,

I'm glad to tell you that I have finished to write my first book. It will be published this year at "Alliance Magique", a french publishing house specialized in occult, esoterism and well being. I'm very very glad of it Right now it is in proof reading at my publisher's house of edition. I hope we will soon work on the cover !

Everything began when I write an article on my blog, that I reposted here :

I considered that the newbies had a lack of basis. So I wrote this article. But, something popped in my mind and I decided to write an entire book, expanding the concepts and everything that goes with it in a single book. Fully documented etc. 307 pages on word at the end.

The title of the book is to change (maybe) but it is in english "The Alchemical Quest" (La Quête Alchimique).

At first, 60 laws, but it quickly passed to 68 ! Everything was falling into place and the book that was just a skeleton, passed to a dense, rich, illustrated peace of chapters - no more paragraphs. Like a magnet it was radiating of a sort of flux revolving on and on, it was at the end like blended, connected in himself. The mercury was flowing in it ! Writting this book was a very interesting experience for me.

These 68 "laws" or advices are described and commented in this book. Everything that I consider to be of importance is in it, in order to reach your goal, the Philosopher Stone, quicker, safer ... but for that, you need to rise yourself as an Alchemist. And it can be disappointing. It's not an easy task, and I give there some advices.

As the title of the original article stated : it is a Weird, Wild, Wide, Wise Science, Art, Mystic and Philosophy. So, I explore all these concepts, and all the things I've developed during my Alchemical and Hermetical studies over the years, like : Virgin Vision, Virgin Ground, Hermetical Vision, etc, and much much more concepts.
I also speak of Magick a bit, because everything is related in this world, to energies, and very much Alchemy itself.

People imagine that the Phi Stone can be reached out with a recipe. But no. It's not the case. It's more complex than that. You have to be first an Alchemist. And it's bits by bits that you can reach that state. A state of Alchemist and hermetist at first, then, a state of authorization of being Adept - you passed the exam, you graduate. Because this, comes only from Above. I explain all this in the book also.

Anyway, I hope it will be translated into english for you guys to enjoy it

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  1. Kiorionis's Avatar
    Kiorionis -
  2. black's Avatar
    black -
    This is good news Salazius !!!

    Well done.

    It brings a great joy to my soul.
  3. Awani's Avatar
    Awani -
    In French!!! What the hell am I going to use this for?

    I hope you will make an English version as soon as possible, no matter I want a copy even if it is in French.

    68 laws... funny, I have 67 in this book: The Elegy of the Lotus, so you beat me with 1.

    Good job on the accomplishment.

  4. Salazius's Avatar
    Salazius -
    Thank you guys

    Lol, Dev, don't worry, I know people here don't read french, but my publisher suggested me that it could possibly be translated.

    Ha ha, yes, I read you Elegy, and I didn't remember there were 67 in it !
  5. Andro's Avatar
    Andro -
    Quote Originally Posted by dev
    68 laws... funny, I have 67 in this book: The Elegy of the Lotus, so you beat me with 1.
    My book will have 69 ... And it would more likely be an audiobook, that I'll record myself...

    Quote Originally Posted by dev
    In French!!! What the hell am I going to use this for?
    The real reason behind the famous barricades, was the French fighting for the right to avoid learning English at all cost ! ! !

    (Or to pretend they don't speak English, even if they do )

    Now seriously:

    Wishing you success wit the book, although I've recently read a "statistic" that says French people increasingly write more and read less

    Then again, any statistic can prove a thing and its opposite just the same, depending how the questions are formulated and more importantly, who paid for the survey in the first place
    Updated 06-11-2014 at 12:26 PM by Andro
  6. Krisztian's Avatar
    Krisztian -
    Congratulations on such endeavor! Like the current working title. Interested to see the cover (for the book).
  7. Salazius's Avatar
    Salazius -
    Hi Andro,

    Thank you. People prefer Youtube and pinterest or facebook for non sense informations and insipid videos.
    Hardcore informations need a bit of energy and I hope french will enjoy my book without having to "chop my head off" and saying that i'm a charlatan seeking money. We perfectly know that writing about alchemy never make of you a millionnaire.

    Krisztian, thank you too
    I'm eager too, to see the cover !
  8. Green Lion's Avatar
    Green Lion -
    Hi Salazius

    I am disappointed to learn that finally you decided to publish this book. As the time spent since the last time that you spoke to me about it, I thought that the reflection had brought you to decide to publish nothing.
    I am of those who consider that the spirituality does not have to get married to the money, whatever is the quantity. The fact of saying that we do not grow rich with the sale of a book has nothing to do with the heart of the problem. If the purpose is really the sharing, without any ulterior motives, there are two things to do (in my opinion, I give here only my personal opinion): either to sell the book but all the money is put back in a charitable work, or to put it in free access on the Internet.

    The second thing (quoted on your blog) from which you defend yourself is the expectation of glory. Indeed, you do not give your real name. But since the time that your pen name is present on FB, your blog etc., it returns to one of your identities. Thus not to look for personal glory, it is necessary either to sign of another ever used pen name, or to write anonymously. It allows then to get away the potential link between your book and your blog and thus the creation of a "glory" from your pen name which spatters on you.

    Finally the last thing is the fact of writing a book on the alchemy without having finished the Great Work. As long as everything was not ended and validated, we may be self-assured, the Truth is not necessarily present. Thus avoid writing a book (which from then on takes a different status that the sharings which we can have on the Internet or IRL), it is to avoid to others stumbling blocks. There is a great deal of works which were written by Adepts, it is better, for me, to invite the readers to read them. On the other hand, to translate texts little known to make them accessible is useful for the alchemists. There is well for me a difference. Still the translation has to be good, no glory has to be removed from it and that the money is redistributed in a charitable work.

    For the rest, each makes what he wants. But a friend also has to say of what he thinks.
    Updated 06-14-2014 at 09:53 AM by Green Lion
  9. Salazius's Avatar
    Salazius -
    Hi GL,

    Thank you for sharing your opinion. It's important for me to share what I've learned in these Arts through a real, "official", published book. It has just more "weight" down here than just a mere free pdf threw in the wind.
    Curiously people don't give big credit to something free. It has no value for them. (This is not an excuse to the fact that people will have to pay something, and only 10% to me, I almost do it freely, but I'm glad because some people can make a living out of edition). But I do consider and hear perfectly the idea you mention : spirituality should be free, but the support to diffuse it, is very often not.

    I also believe in the process of energy exchange. My time, energy, researches, pains and knowledge compressed, condensed and brought to manifestation against some money. It's just a magickal process like anything after all.
    No one critics Paracelsus or Glauber, or any other adept for having published tons of books in the past and, actually make money out of editions ... They several times wrote bullshits in their books just to sell them. And they are nowadays greatly considered...

    I confirm that no one can live or become rich in the process of publishing its works in these fields, and my goal is not at all to be like Rivière, or Burensteinas, Bartlett, etc or any other people of that kind, in the light of the scene.

    "Salazius" is just a name, there's a difference between a scene name and actually feeling to be this entity. Big difference. Like any other pseudo I had in the past, it is fowed to disappear when the mission is fulfilled. Maybe in few years. I don't know yet. For now there's a job to do, and I'm gonna do it well.

    By the way, a whole chapter is about reading the old authors. And this book has nothing to do with other published books. And I do invite people to read the "Adepts" as sure references. The fact that i'm, or not, an "Adept" is not at all a problem for this book.
    Updated 06-16-2014 at 01:27 PM by Salazius
  10. Nibiru's Avatar
    Nibiru -
    Congratulations Salazius!!! I hope to see an english version at some point in the future, if not, perhaps this will be my inspiration to learn some french
  11. Salazius's Avatar
    Salazius -
    Thanks !