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Elixir Mixer Presents: Elixir Mixer

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As I lay in my bed, at 10:30 on a Saturday morning, head still foggy from beers till 4am, I can't help but consider, the Stone...

Is it truly that difficult to make?

How many people have actually given it a try?

Maybe 100 modern philosophers?

That's not very many...

It could be more, but even more likely, it could be a lot less...

For me, Alchemy is the art of Transformation. I've always been a huge believer in the idea that performing alchemical processes, does, in and of itself, change the individual, through direct experience and also, waves of indirect influences are constantly washing over the alchemist all throughout his great search, a reward given to all those who being on this path earnestly.

Since joining AlchemyForums I have learnt a great deal about Alchemy. Things I never knew existed, like Spiritus Mundi, for example.

However, a greater gift has been a change in my mind state, my priorities and also the way in which look at alchemy and how I choose to continue my path from here on in....

All of this has had a forced maturing process that naturally occurred when I found this vault of information that I had previously been unaware.

Learning that my inklings about the stone were well on par, was magnificent, and brought me a lot of hope. Having people constructively critique my methods, of both practise and study, has opened up whole new realms of possibilities that I never would have found...

And yet above all, the greatest achievement this far this year, is that I have become aware, that the time of my blossoming will shortly be at hand, for my understanding of the place in which I intend to did myself is growing. Clarity has entered my thinking and slowly but surely there is a shift taking place. One, of a fearless confidence, that comes with making Hollandus your bitch.

Due dates for the Anthology are coming up soon, I've thought many times about what type of write up I should do, yet my laboritory looks like a bomb hit it from our last pyro distillation of grape vine and I'm worried that I will not have time to perform any complicated procedures. Also, while I am writing a beautiful allegorical love story, which could be appropriate, I feel that my mission from the divine is to help the beginners, the recipe hunters, the "lesser" to become more of what they seek to be, and while love stories are nice, they don't pay the philosophical bills, so to speak.

So! I've decided... That for the anthology my piece will be a report on the creation of a tradition Quintessence of Honey. Simply because, I feel it will collectively be the most useful, especially considering that Quintessense of Honey is said to protect other spagyrical preparations from being destroyed by stomach acids when consumed together, thereby, equipping your alchemical arsenals with further weaponry.

I do enjoy popping online and raving on this website. It's a very convenient place for me to store my alchemical impressions, it's a type of social media where I can say words like 'Hermetic Philosophy' and not be instantly deemed as a crack-pot. Here, in this place, the reasons for being deemed a crack-pot are far more justifiable, since it take one to know one

I do wish I had some alchemy friends like Zoas is always going on about...

I'm always trying to get my community excited about a new preparation I've made that could assist them, but I've rarely provoked more than a passing fancy in anyone about my mystical medicines.

I'm sorry if you thought this blog was going to have a particular subject, I pretty much just started raving here because no-one opened up in my special men's club, so I figure I would just self-reflect. (Publicly)

Why publicly? Is it because of a deep inbuilt self-obsession? Perhaps partly, but the true reason is (or at least I convince myself that it is) is because self-expression results in self analysis. I probably learn more from my own words sometimes then anyone else ever does, and I think a lot of us work like that..

Okay this rave is gettin boring now so back to cool shit!

Stone work!

I will, at some stage this year, have a loose crack at trying to create a universal stone. I do not intend success on my first attempt, but, much like the pyro distillation abominating my shed right now, it will basically be a planned fail, just to get the experience points cranking so I can level up before taking on the boss.

I spending about $5000 on new lab gear.

Proper old school retorted 'sweat' flask ($800 just for one flask!!!)
Proper lab grade incubator, last time I had an esky(Aussie thing that we stick our beer and I've in to keep it cold on the go) and my garlic elixir opened up and rotted inside the water bath.

What started as a beautiful powerful garlic smell, in a few days became one of the most unbearable smells I've ever had the displeasure of encountering.

So yeah, proper incubator.
Proper desk top furnace for calcinations.

I'm going super proper. Dare I say, "professional" even.

Last time I said this it created a shitstorm of opinions but I am genuinely looking for an alchemical partner, one which is happy to openly exchange with me, share experiments long distance and perhaps and preferable, did a common alchemical goal that we could assist one another with.

If anyone is keen, you know where to find me

Yeah so, welcome to my blog, it's quality standard is variable so just cause this was a shit one, remember, I am hungover in bed.

I might have a nap actually. Night!

Love EM

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  1. Aham's Avatar
    Aham -
    EM, nice start on the blog. Who helped you write this blog? It's got commas, hyphens and everythin... Nothing like your posts. LOL

    Love it. Looking forward to future posts.