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Can you buy the Stone?

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A rainy day, and again I post from the warm comforts of my bed.

I have been inquiring into Roark Rhoend's book "Hermetic Legacy". This book claims to describe in detail the creation of SM in it's most pure form. (As well as come with a piece of the stone!)

I'm interested to see whether or not this is legitimate, for two reasons, the obvious one (more stone info) and a less obvious one, evidence that Alchemical dogmas should be avoided as much as any other sort of dogma. What I mean is that a lot of people believe that a TRUE adept never sells the secret, when in reality, if this guy sells me SM production techniques, that basically shows the this Alchemical dogma is flawed and slowly dying.

Book is so dam expensive that I'm scared to tell my wife. I best take her out to dinner before breaking the sweet sweet news.

I would like to hear opinions from anyone who has dealt with Roark themselves. I'm not interested in gossip at all, nor will it sway my opinions of anyone, but more interested to know if you have had direct dealings with him, or bought any of his books.

Regardless, a symbol on the front cover of one of his books, repeatedly appears in my meditations, and these are usually meditations of a higher nature, and it usually takes significant mental energy before this symbol begins to appear, and yet, it does indeed appear around my neck.
Like a necklace with a pendant. I actually do nt know where the symbol comes from, it's a picture of two snakes intertwined, and was in the cover of the book "The never ending story" which was made I to a movie. (Old school kids film, but an epic classic)

So I am very intrigued. I'm also pretty sure that I know how to manifest this pure SM anyway, so one main reason is to check if I'm right before wasting my time, as time seems to be my most scarce resource ATM.

So often, I believe, the wanna-be adept would come close to the stone in thought, but due to a lack of experimentation or helpful verification from others, our thoughts quickly drift over the stone. Like a gold nugget that is just a little too deep for the metal detector to sense it.

This book, I believe, should shed some light, clear some dogmas, and get the magic happening in preparation for some real stone work (which I have never attempted practically)

Can you buy the stone? We're about to find out...

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