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Spiritus Mundi Explained

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"But whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life." - Jesus the Christ

by Elixirmixer

Genesis, as we well know, holds within it the framework or the ideologies that create our world. As the spirit stirred over the waters of void earth, something sparked, and the world began.

This spark, so subtle and pure, has within it an incredible virtue, and that, by a way of giving a sustaining animation within the chemical forms of our bodies. It is clear to the hermetic eyes, that when one passes away, then quickly the bodies decomposes, and it is said that the spirit has left the body.

We know of, from the ancient sages, certain signs and properties that allow us to comprehend the nature of this most subtle of spirits. We know that it is very pure and requires specific conditions otherwise it quickly becomes tainted or flys away. We know that it penetrates all things, and that it is in all forms of life, being the Spirit of the World. We hear stories of melting gold like ice, spontaneous germination, as well as miraculous healings.

Yet in this work, it is the Holy Spirit's property of penetration that should be of most concern to the artist. For you see, due to the fact that Our Light can penetrate glass, it can go where air cannot. Because it can penetrate earth, it can go where light cannot. Because it can penetrate lead, it can go where radiation cannot. Because it can penetrate copper, it can go where RF waves cannot.

And here we find our vessel. In the place where nothing else is. For what is in the place in which nothing else is? Simply, the only thing that can get there; Spiritus Mundi.

Yet how, in the empty place which is our vessel, shall we condense something so subtle it can penetrate lead, steel, and copper?

If you have made it this far, then you know that it is with the use of a particular magnet.

Now this magnet has been the subject of a hundred books. And in reality, it is not one specific thing. Should we find our magnet in a grotto, or perhaps at the bottom of an oak tree? Either way, I'm sure that condensing this sacred moisture will find you well, for even without our hidden substances, she still awaits you, and in the gentle heat of a mothers touch, she will be yours.

And then, what more need be said, seeing we know what it is we seek. And now, we know where to find it. Where nothing else is. Deliquescence of these meditations will do good for your mind. Find peace in them. Find the stone. And may we dine, with our loved ones, and with the poor.


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