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Another day, another step closer.

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With a full intention to purchase 'the book', but doing my best to do my research and make a correct decision and not carelessly throw my family's money to any make-shift sheep, I made certain enquiries.

These investigations resulted in much more than I had imagined, as I was fortunate enough to find favour with an individual who gave me some information regarding the contents of this work, and also where I ought to be looking for information in regards to the alluding SM

I was charged with te sacred duty to maintain the secrets of the ancients, so in summery, even though I was going to buy the stupid book and cry from rooftops with it; now I can't, and am happy that I do not need to buy this expensive book, but can instead work towards my Minor Opus, and further meditate on Gods great works in a more passive manner.

M blog-spot will still I on, in the form of spagyrical recipes. These medicines are great, and if we all make more and more and share, the world will be a better

Know this: (anyone who has been reading and following my hunt for the opus) that the information I have already spoken of in regards to the mundi mundi, isn't actually too bad. It's a start, and there is much to meditate on within the EM's PS Thread.

Nevertheless, the secret must remain as such, as I go and take my seat with the ancients LOL (I hope some of you appreciate my humour)

Peace out for now.

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