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Assistance please.

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I'm working in a project that takes M-state back into it's metallic form. Just interested to know if anyone had performed these types of experiments.

JDP? The Fool? ....

M-State theory is pretty interesting, it's pretty new and there are varying theories but this is basically the way I see it.

Basically, the energy required for ionic bonding lies within the d-shell orbital. M-State has donated too much through certain processes and has lost the capability to access transition metal ionic bonding.

When we use non-metallic elements such as carbon or Sulfur, we can connect these m-state materials covalently with a non-metal while being electrolysed by a golden cathode and platinum anode.

I also hypothesis that ammonium complexes can supply additional energies that may/may not facilitate this (my coined word): re-energising the d-shell.

There are interference issues in allowing the energy from carbon and electrolysis, resulting from te other orbitals within the atom. These can be problematic for yields and transformation.

Sulfides may have a place here as I believe another forum member had mentioned before.

The transformation of M-State materials could be a profitable area of research. If your keen, come have a chat.

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