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Alchemical Insomnia

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Dear Diary,

I can't sleep...

Ever since having those chats with Mr (______) I cannot stop meditating upon the Opus.

The Green Lion troubles me in my sleep, Like a young lion, amount many beasts this noble character hungers for our gold. The Solaris eludes the many, they think it be the bulgur gold but how be it then that a lion should feed upon himself? Or where does nature, approve this abomination? Not in the noble lion, that's for sure.

I can't wait to get the next quote back. Preparations for the Australian Spring are in place to capture our spirit and unite her with her solaris. Only then will the sun shine and the Lion gorge himself and spill the the red Blood of the Son.

Our Lord, of the tribe of Judea. The Lion and Lamb. The Beginning and the End. Oh how the world has forgotten you, yet I shall not forget. Through revelations and signs you teach me all these things and then what good be chemistry to me? Since with thee I can see all things. Clear the darkness for me and those who seek good for the world.

I think I'm going to bash out some home made Snitzel for my wife for breakfast... Remember to get bread and milk..

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  1. elixirmixer's Avatar
    elixirmixer -
    Is there anyone here that understands what I'm trying to say here? It's written like I'm a bit crazy because I find it funny and entertaining, however, I've written this to help you understand some of the symbology of the Opus. And I might add, that it's likely that anyone who DOES understand what I'm saying here probably does NOT want to encourage talking about it...

    Get with it, gentleman

    Remember, Alchemists are very tricky