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Day 4

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Im still ib a good mode; and positive about this; I have zero desire for smokables and beer.

However, Im going through some serious physical turmoil right now. Headache's are getting bad, body cramping up. Stomach feels like a garbage dump and my kidneys feel like they spent the night on a brothel floor.

I don't think I'll be getting out of bed today. Do any of you knid gentlemen have any well prepared detox Spagyrics to assist me?

Would mean the world to me.if another alchemist would donate a dose of something lovely to help this process.

I don't believe in telling people that your fasting, I think it undermines the value of the fast; however I think it would be useful for maybe other drug addicts (Ive been addicted to pot for about 13 years, not the heavy stuff although I have dabbled)
...other drug addicts to watch someone else go through the pains of detoxification and find some solace or motivation to help them get through. someone to relate to.

Nothing is a greater challenge than trying to break old habbits. Especially when your breaking a whole bunch of habbits at once. However; nothing is so rewarding than moving from the spiritual ghetto, into The White Lodge; so to speak. (Ive gotten clean before, its awesome)

If you still have addictions and your reading this, please fast, and pray, and change your life. Its always worth it as long as you stick to it.


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  1. elixirmixer's Avatar
    elixirmixer -
    So today; after consoltation with other serious fasters, I decided to take scheduled breaks every 4 days from fasting. I had a can of pink salmon for brain power, about 50grams of duck meat (soooo much tastier than chicken); I had a friend bring over my favourite of his dishes; vindaloo (the real reason I broke fast) and some sweet potatoes in duck fat. Tonight a duck stew. Tomorrow; back into the no food game.

    Fir the record; I feel a lot better than I have for quite some time; and it only took 3.5 days. So there is more motivation for anyone trying to break free.