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SM Dangers

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What I can add to all this, is about the inherent "dangers" of the practice with Spiritus Mundi. I already made a clear post about the general "dangers" (lack of better term ) in Alchemy, but here is different.

Philosophical Insulation is another very important point I want to stress here.

And I don't really know how to put that in words, since one has to know what's the point of the practice/lab ... We are dealing here with a great Fire. As such, and during the manifestation of Spiritus Mundi, there is a tremendous condensation of Force, it is a necessity.

This Force, is contained in some special ways, and if one makes, by mistake, an exit gate, by touching it, or even being close to it, he can have a discharge of this energy into his bodies, and also, in plain face if he is too much curious ... about what's going on in the Ark of Covenant ... Remember what happened in Indiana Jones ?

For now, I only know it can really shake you up (or down), and put you K.O for some time. And enhance all the troubles you have for a moment.

We are dealing here with an "Emanating Force"/"Hermetically Radioactive". So I let you imagine what could be the consequences of dabbling with it. For your mental sanity, your emotional stability, and your nervous + energetic systems too, it can be too much. Be prepared, and always act with respect for the process.
Since one is not able to understand how it actually works, one cannot grasp how to protect oneself from the ongoing process, and to avoid to be touched by the "Dew".

Understanding the Principles are perfect when we begin because we have a broader vision, and the capacity to understand analogies, which gives us a way to complete the whole pattern, but we also have to direct our perception to a more serious problem : this Isolation.

Here is a key : Meditate on the tree concept. Or try to understand the multiple aspects of the Perpetuum Mobile.

Philosophical Insulation is also a necessity in order for the process to work perfectly, otherwise the Spirit, which is so volatile, will not be stopped. There is a need for a philosophical limit.
But this limit in my understanding must be double. The first one is electric, the second one is magnetic. (philosophically/hermetically of course). Both play a role in the process, and protect both the Spiritus Mundi, and the operator.

It is also important to know that the presence of the Alchemist, near the "Flask" (depending how "open" the 'Athanor' is) can be a trouble on the long term. Because it is a question of homeostasis and equilibrium. If the Athanor is closed, it is not a problem.

I hope this will be an help for the searchers.

It is important to know Philosophical Insulation.

For those who would like to make the Spiritus Mundi experiment, Nature's game/laws, are of course, the most important datas to have. I mean, you need this Whole Picture in order for all this to work.

When you have the Whole Vision, then you can choose to work such or such Path, I mean, when you actually have, really, the datas given by the Hermetical Vision, you can envision to not work only in the Lab/material level. You have other opportunities that are unlocked.

Staying at the level of the recipe/device/stuff, is not generating something Alchemical in oneself. It is limitative and sterile. Limitied. Particular. Specified.

The "Vision" make you the gift to be able to make fructify your spirituality, your self, your life, your being. In an unlimited way. THIS is a great gift, and Alchemical ! Because it is a cycle of evolution of maturation, of true discovery of the World. And not only a simple device ... very sterile. This is why we mostly applicate ourselves to give Principles, more than riddles to decypher. Because a Principle is Universal & Alive !

Again, seeking the Stone is trying to cure the symptom via mean to an end. The Stone is a state of being, it is reached slowly, with care, patience, and experiences of life, a matured Vision/Spirituality. It is something in YOU, and again, when it is something alive in you, you have it, truly. If it is just a peice of crystal you seek, then it is, again, dead and limited a kind of desparate greedy need.

This can lead you to the W.W.W. of the Philosophers : Wider, Wiser, Wilder.

Don't be recipes hunters, don't be stuff hunters, be Principles Hunters ! Try the Virgin Vision.

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    Good stuff.
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    Thanks !