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No good deed goes unpunished.

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So I'm helping this completely legless (drunk) bloke to his mums car, he sees his mum and starts resisting and physically pushing me away, at the very same moment my very loyal, but pretty crazy friend, who is quite big and "scary" comes around the corner and is like "You better not be hurting my friend"

For some reason, the blokes I was with found this a reason to try and start a fight with my friend.

I tell my friend that this bloke wasn't attacking me, and not to hit these guys. He did listen to me which I was very proud of, since what I said didn't do anything to quell them attacking him.

My friend did get frustrated that all these blokes were getting very physical with him, so he put one on the ground and just showed them that he could win if he wanted to. One of the blokes pulled out a knife and I said to him, put that fucking thing away, which he did, but grabbed a wooden club instead.

This was all over their ego, drinking, and their confidence in their numbers, I copped the wooden club in the head twice. My mate was fine, and we eventually cooled off the situation (for now).

I always trick myself I to thinking "beer is okay".
That's because I'm a fucking idiot. Sure, beer doesn't turn me into that much of a knob, but it certainly will turn the underdeveloped into complete animals.

These boys are very lucky because my friend and I would have totally mopped the concrete with them however we were being the bigger men and took a few hits to prevent an escalation.

All in all, I was the least in the wrong. I did save those blokes from certain "loyal friend destruction", and I was just trying to help the guy, and yet no one got hurt except for me... Nice ey.

Addictions have to be completely whipped out this year, since the universe can see that I want spiritual growth, therefore has very little tolorence for me behaving in a contrary nature, and these warnings appear to get steadily more obvious.

Just a little venting I suppose. Just for curiosities sake, are any of you guys around my age group and get involved in these type of stupidities? I'm 28 years old BTW.

How old did you think I was? I look a lot older, plenty of greys now, I look almost 40. Stress is the opposing force of beauty I reacon.

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  1. Dragon's Tail's Avatar
    Dragon's Tail -
    I think my physical size acts as a deterrent, though I don't consider myself a "big" guy, I am over 200 pounds and still lean at over six feet tall. I don't see it, but I've noticed other "blokes" as you call them shy away from mixing it up with me.

    I also don't have the attitude of a fighter. I never consider if I can "take" someone, and rarely size up a threat by their physical bulk. I look for their attitude, and if it seems hostile or reckless, then I steer myself away from the situation and don't give it a second thought, except to observe that I'm keeping my distance (sometimes miles away). I choose not to surround myself with people who have a habit of forcing their opinion (whether I agree with them or not) or a recent history of fighting. I will listen to someone's BS and if they don't want discourse, then I don't bother trying to "teach" anybody anything. Some people are willing to listen, but most get pissed off when you disagree with them in my experience.

    Not saying that my opinion is the right one, but it does cut down on some of life's drama. Hope the wounds heal up soon. Always a shame when people are out having a good time and it results in someone getting hurt.
  2. elixirmixer's Avatar
    elixirmixer -
    Yes I tend to follow all the same logics. This one just came out of NO where.

    The wounds arnt too bad. Bit of a bump on the head is all. I went around to everyone's house to clear the air and everyone is very sheepish and apologetic. Alcohol makes people do stupid things, obviously.

    I'm a "little guy" so I often have some bloke who wants to feel like a man start fights with me. I'm very goof at taking myself out of a situation, and fortunately, if that doesn't work, I'm also very good and dropping blokes with epic one-hit-wonder knockouts, which skills I acquired in my previous years as a pedo-hunter. Lol.

    And its definitely is a waste of time trying. To educate those who don't want to be educated. Good way to get into a fight really lol. Which is why I love AF. The only place where everyone is open and Ernest about learning this type of stuff. Well there are other forums, but their layout isn't nearly as good so fuck'em. Hahaha