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Visit the Inner Earth

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So I've been exploring some of the local caves in search of the prima materia. The sperm of metals.

What is the prima materia? First Matter. But how could we possibly find the first matter of things in 2018, since most things are already in a state of evolution?

This comes down to the Alchemical process of regeneration. Because all things die and are regenerated, we can find the prima materia once it has been regenerated by the earth.

What is it we seek? A water that wets not the hands. What water will not wet the hands? A water that is dry.

I wonder if there are any waters, that may have dried, inside of caves? Or perhaps a limestone grotto? Or perhaps underneath a stable.

Not all materia is the same, just as my ballsack differs from yours, so too do the balls of the earth, differ from other sets of balls.

Remember, it is not specifically on thing or another we are looking for, o my the principal of the regeneration of matter is relevant to our work as Alchemists.

I understand now that the secret solvent is a compounded mixture of these dry waters.

My cave searches have been fruitful and exciting. Quite scary and dangerous also. But worth every crystal. Good day to you.

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  1. Dragon's Tail's Avatar
    Dragon's Tail -
    I've been digging around in the ashes of the phoenix, but I have a feeling we are tracking down similar matters.

    I'm curious about your plans on what to do with it. I'm convinced that it can regain it's affinity for water if forged in a hot fire and reintroduced
  2. Schmuldvich's Avatar
    Schmuldvich -
    Post some pictures!

    Caves are enamorously beautiful!
  3. elixirmixer's Avatar
    elixirmixer -
    The pictures will come. I've been focusing on the job at hand rather than the photography ATM.

    Even though I want to do some tests using typical solvents, my real purpose here is to ad the calcite to pure SM, and hopefully volatize/purify in the first instance, then I'll have the TRUE prima materia. And after that its just a "Woman's work and Child's play" from there on in. Orgone generator will be my friend, however I'm still to build my SM apparatus, I had o e on order but the glassblowers themselves had trouble blowing it and its been cancelled. Now I'm working on a different way.