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EM's been naughty

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So my ignorance was too much for me to bear any longer. So let's just say, a friend of a friend of a friend of mine HACKED into some of our Spanish friends published works and translated them.

Rhoend has been up to his usual shenanigans, and is selling recipes now on some website. I'm sure glad I didn't pay for this crap, however, already having a decent understanding of how the great work flows, I was able to pull a few gems out of his work. Such as confirmation that my intended method of stone-hood is a legitimate path. This is the one using Luna salts collected in distilled water.

It made me consider what Andro said about using distilled water as his prima materia, very interesting stuff.

Other then that its all just the same crap you get on this forum for free anyway so I don't know why he's asking for $50/month subscription fee. He still, as far as I've read so far in his works, never actually tells you shit, except for a magnet, which I'm sure most of you already know.

Just reporting on my alchemical espionage. I'm sorry if this offends anyone and, simultaneously, share this greeting: "Tough Shit"

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  1. Andro's Avatar
    Andro -
    Quote Originally Posted by elixirmixer
    the one using Luna salts collected in distilled water.

    It made me consider what Andro said about using distilled water as his prima materia, very interesting stuff.
    This is not how I use distilled water.

    To the best of my knowledge, how I work with distilled water is not mentioned anywhere online (or in any treatise).

    Also, for the record, I never read the "recipes" that you had "hacked" into.
  2. elixirmixer's Avatar
    elixirmixer -
    Yes I understand that your methods are unique to yourself alone. I was simply reminded of your work when I read about capturing Luna inside distilled water.

    Also just for the record I didn't do anything illegal. He simply has a poor protocol that allowed me to bypass his payment strategy and take hold of the works for free so nothing too shiffty.

    Rhoend doesn't give any recipes, in fact he gives hardly anything at all except to say that wood ashes is a magnet. Im still reading but so far there is not much of great value except for maybe this:

    He describes "The path of the Poor" to be performed using a simply linen cloth which collects dust and moisture from the air, and uses this murky dust water to bring about a stone.

    Rhoend never mentions the power and effect of his stones either, its a lot similar to my own senseless ramblings (IMO) in that he talks about the concepts however his delivery is very unclear and scattered, however I suppose this is expected when I'm relying on google translate to interpret his work.

    How is your water work going Andro? Are these processes your using subject to long waiting times?
  3. elixirmixer's Avatar
    elixirmixer -
    Dam, entire post deleted... Take 2:

    Yes I understand that your work is unique to yourself Andro and of course 'top secret'. I was simply reminded of it while studying the capturing of Luna salts in distilled water.

    I was only able to get his work because Rhoend has poor protocol on the website he's using and I simply bypassed his payment section and accessed his works for free so nothing too shiffty, hopefully he reads this and can fix his protocols in which case I think I've done him a favour.

    I was mainly looking for a way to proceed without vacuum, which I'm still working on, since I seem to not have manifested 'Vacuum' as part of my soul yet. It doesn't come naturally to me at all. In fact I have a mental block from even attempting it right now and even when I asked the glassblowers to do it, they failed three times and gave up, so, its just not time for me....
  4. Andro's Avatar
    Andro -
    Quote Originally Posted by elixirmixer
    He describes "The path of the Poor" to be performed using a simply linen cloth which collects dust and moisture from the air
    This sounds VERY similar to something mentioned in Merelle's book 'Mysteries of Alchemy'.

    From the book:

    By coincidence I came into possession of an older Danish book that solved the riddle, but it had nothing to do with alchemy. The book consists of a collection of magazines from 1862 about exper iments and observations concerning physics and chemistry (Tidsskrift for Physik og Kemi, København 1862). Among them was a paper about the atmosphere’s action on water when left out in the open and what happens to the water in a chemical sense.

    A researcher by the name Schønbein had noted that water that was left to evaporate out in the open air formed saltpetersour ammonia from the air’s nitrogen, hydrogen and oxygen. Schønbein had moistened some linen cloths with distilled water and afterwards exposed them to air, so that the water could evaporate slowly. When the cloths had dried, he took them, and soaked them in distilled water. Some substance was now drawn out of the cloths and dissolved in the water. It showed itself to be saltpetersour ammonia, as he called it, with the chemical formula NH4NO2. The researcher now explains, that what happened was, a so called “nitrification”.Two nitrogen atoms from the air had joined with four hydrogen atoms in the following way: 2N+4H=N.NH4. This again becomes a saltpetersour ammonium salt: NH4NO2, in that two oxygen atoms attach themselves to the compound.

    The two images tell us that one can collect dew from the night sky in two fashions, either by putting bowls out on the meadow, or collecting the dew on linen cloths. The old alchemists also knew that something happens with the water in Nature. At the same time they knew that a night with full moon gave the best result and therefore they collected the dew at that time.

    I have done the experiment myself several times and discovered that it is so. A salt really forms in the water left outside during a full moon night. One must remember to use distilled water, and it has to be reduced very slowly. In the bowl a fine white salt remains that is water soluble.

    The chemist, Schønbein, did not know that the moon’s light gives the best result. Such an idea would probably have seemed to be both absurd and ridiculous to him, for he was a traditional chemist. The old alchemists had their own explanation for what happened to water and dew that had been exposed to the rays of the moon. The water becomes active they said, and thereby able to dissolve matters. It should be reduced to a fine salt, and this they called “Water that does not wet the hands.” Thereby they meant a dry, water soluble salt.
  5. elixirmixer's Avatar
    elixirmixer -
    Wow, thank you so much Andro.

    Despite having already known all this, something about that article just made something "click".

    I'm happy now, and very grateful