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An important distinction

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An important distinction needs to be made :

One has to undersand that there is a "Universal Archemical" path.

This may be shocking for some people. There is no Spiritus Mundi involved in it. A vast corpus of well known authors speak about it.

This is why Paracelsus said they are not real Philosophers, since he knew that Spiritus Mundi could result in a Higher Product.

This "Universal Archemical" path will eventually lead to a 40 days rejuvenation process that must be undertaken every 50 years. But, one will grow old every time.
It will probably have little effect on the astral body, giving no (or very limited) "powers".

Now, the Initiation of the Spiritus Mundi Stone will not be as much physical, but far more spiritual. This is more the kind of Initiation that Jesus endured. With a disappearance of the physical body and a total recreation of it. It's truly an Ascension. This is a Philosophical Suicide.

This needed to be said.

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