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Full Moon happenings

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I just wanted to share an interesting observation of nature. The weather is begining to shift down here into fall and i was waiting for the full moon to inspire my final SM revision before I get full dug into the practical work.

Full moon came; epic insites arrived as ordered and i was keen to move forward.

I woke up the next morning after the full moon to what may have been the real wake up point to believing in myself and my concepts of what the stone was and how to make it.

I walked out my back door on the morning after the full moon like i do every morning, only this morning i was greeted with a very unexpected welcome.

My entire backyard was filled with a dense fog. So dense that i could barly see my back fence.

This never usually occurs and i cannot help but feel that the full moon caused magnetic fluctuations which caused this high vapour suspension i was observing (in nature).

Im sure some have you may have noticed this natural phenomina, this was more here for those who may not have and to invite people to keep a closer eye on dew levels during a full moon.

Best regards EM

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