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One more try.

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Volatized salts are up again.

Ive got about 15 ltrs of wine lees which ive never worked on before.

Im gently distilling out the spirits and then the phlem to more or less dryness.

This will take a long time as im doing it very gently and ive got a lot of material to get through. I expect a three day distilling process but before i clean up the lab ready for the big move i thought id try and minimise this wine into a usuable medicine and see if i cant crack this egg before packing up the herbals for some time

I intend to then use the purified spirit to extract the dried mass before calcination. I hope to extract most of the "fire" without pyrodistillation.

Then comes the pyro. I am going to dry distill the dry mass that has already had its sulfur content extracted.

Im hoping this will yield some volatile salts. I will then gently distill the spirits off the red oils and then see how i might merge the volatile salts with the oil. If we get that far.....

Any advice would be highly appreciated. Would be nice to make something "worthwhile" for a change.

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