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About Spiritus Mundi

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Solazaref worked with a tower, where copper antennae and lightning rods pointing to the sky, all connected to a big copper wire, going down into the tower, and being connected to a crucible, sealed, containing a matter.

He puts himself into a Faraday cage, and waits for the lightning, then, when the discharge happens, the matter is in a plasma state and generally transmuted into something else - if the crucible do not explode.

I heard he goes out of the cage exhausted.

Some, also use almost the same principle in via seca, putting a sealed crucible into a reactive agent, firing the whole thing, a little like thermite reaction. Generally the matter is found is needles, crystallized and transmuted into various metals if the matter inside was a metal. But we are no more in the SM field here, butI guessed it was good to be mentioned anyway.

Anyway, we are here in the old fantasmas of "electricity if life", look at Dr Frankenstein and the monster ! A vile body, dead, receiving a spark of life ...

I came to these conclusions via my understanding of Alchemy, I did some researches and the logical solution came out by itself.
Everything was very clear in an instant.

Actually there is not only "on" method to the Universal Archemical/Particular Stone.

But the Principles under the process is always the same.

There are many ways too for the Spiritus Mundi Stone too. But the Principles at work, are also the same everytime.

It can be misleading, but when talking about a "Path" I don't speak in term of recipe, but in terms of general Principles.

There are relatively "a lot" of texts about rejuvenation (Look in Alexandre Danaan "Federico Gualdi" french book and italian). It is generally always (for some variations like in food, bath, bleedings, someone to watch you and take care of you ...) the same process.

I don't know if all this can help ... But by the way, my post above could clear up some things for searchers, at least, opening another window of understanding and vision, that they can validate or not.

I don't care if anybody agrees or not. It's just what I found and it was a great revelation for me.

As one can see, the rejuvenation is not linked, in none of the texts I've read, to a spiritual initiation, only to a physical fasting + detox and rejuvenation.

By experience, it is now a fact (at least for very few people) that Spiritus Mundi is leading to a Spiritual "something". A rejuvenation via this Stone will lead to a great "Ascension", ultimately to the Body of Glory. Making the choice to go to such and extreme point is a suicide, since there is no capacity to go back.
One has to be very clear about his desires, and having the certainty to have no regrets of doing such a thing.

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  1. Krisztian's Avatar
    Krisztian -
    In the East for Taoists, only about 5% to 8% accounts for cleaning out the physical body by diet and other physical means. The other 90% is about the flow of ch'i with Qi-gong, Tai chi, nei kung.

    The Lapis has an energetic field about it, one can evolve it out with the near presence of an alchemist who has evolved out their 'second body' the immortal one. Eventually in that body one does not need to eat.
  2. Salazius's Avatar
    Salazius -
    Interesting, thank you for your comment.