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" Civilisation is a deception " - A Hermit's Guide to Longevity

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Reinforcing the elements within your body - Mental association methods


The Siddhi Laghima.

“The power to decrease the weight of the physical body to that of a feather. We can float in the air with the physical body, thanks to this power.”
- Samael Aun Weor, The Aquarian Message

“He (the initiate) can make his body as light as cotton or feather. Vayustambhanam is done through this Siddhi. In Jalastambhanam also the power is exercised to a very small degree. The body is rendered light by Plavini Pranayama. The Yogi produces a diminution of his specific gravity by swallowing large draughts of air. The Yogi travels in the sky with the help of this Siddhi. He can travel thousands of miles in a minute.” - Swami Sivananda, Kundalini Yoga

The Udana vayu can be used to achieve Laghima

" Udana vayu is one of the five vayus. It operates from the throat and drives exhalation, operating in conjunction with prana vayu, which deals with inhalation ".

" By the mastery over udana, the upward flowing prana vayu, there is a cessation of contact with mud, water, thorns, and other such objects, and there ensues the rising or levitation of the body."

In Samyana practise there is the Akasha - "Lightness of Air" sutra

" By Samyama on the relationship between the body and space (akasha) and by concentrating on the lightness of cotton, passage through space can be attained. "


This is a method for developing the Siddhi Laghima.
It is the visualisation of sucking the element air in through the pores of your skin. Accumulating the element within your body
then dispersing the element air back out into the universe, through the pores of your skin.

We start with 7 deep breaths.

On each inhalation imagine the pores of your skin sucking in the air around you, inflating your body like a balloon.
On each exhalation picture nothing.

After 7 breaths we start another 7 but reverse the process.

On each inhalation picture nothing.
On each exhalation imagine releasing all the air you'e accumulated in your body back out through the pores of your skin.
Deflating your body like a balloon.

At the end of the 14 breaths, 7 breaths accumulating the element air within your body,
7 breaths dispersing the element air from your body.

It is an incredibly effective and simple method for creating a mental association with air.
You can do this exercise no more than twice a day. If you accumulate too much of an element within your body
without dispersing it, it will lead to problems within your body.

The Lung-Gom-Pa

In Tibet the monks used to hold Lung-gom-pa races in which the monks would leap and bound vast distances
after developing the Siddhi Laghima.

"..the hands and feet of the lama swung to and fro like a pendulum. The speed at which they progressed was amazing.. ..he was in a state of trance.. ..judging by careful examination of his footprints, the weight of his body must have been diminished to some extent." - In Secret Tibet, Theodore Illion

" As Peter Nabokov documents in his Indian Running, the esoteric training, or hokep, of Yoruk runners includes a number of elements similar to the lung-gom-pa: a series of exercises to master breathing, until the rushing air becomes a "rope" on which a runner is rapidly pulled; mental focus on a single point, such as a star or a mountain, inducing a trance-like concentration; and the uncanny ability to surely navigate a demanding trail even in the dark.

Yoruk runners, too, are said to be able to cover large distances rapidly--and to do so with a preternaturally long, levitating stride. As Nabokov notes, it is said that "runners reaching this state of consciousness could skim over the tops of close-growing manzanita bushes on the southern slopes of the Siskiyou Mountains.”

Ninjutsu Kenjutsu and Baguazhang Lightfoot

Ninjutsu Kenjutsu and Baguazhang have methods for developing Lightfoot.
There is a saying that goes along with the pursuit of learning Lightfoot methods.

" The illusion of lightness is perfect balance "

- A Shaolin monk by Tomasz Gudozowat

In Ninjustu rice paper is placed on the ground and the student has to run across the rice paper again and again
until the rice paper no longer breaks. Then the exercise is repeated with ankle weights.

Shinobi Aruki (Ninja Walking)

Ninjutsu also uses the practise of Kuji-kiri and breathing techniques to slow the rate of fall from great heights.

In Kenjutsu the samurai would plant a corn seed and jump over it everyday as it grew.
When they could easily jump over the full grown corn, they would start again but dig a hole next to the seed and jump up from the hole over the growing corn.
This way they increased they're lightness in battle. Ninjutsu has a similar practise using bamboo.

With Baguazhang they fill a large bucket with stones and walk around the rim of the bucket.
As they're balance increases they empty the bucket slowly of stones until its empty.

" JS: Did you learn and "Light Skill" (Qing Gong) as well?

MR.MA: Walking in a circle develops "Light Skill". Once you reach a certain level you are able to walk without touching the ground.

JS: How is that possible?

MR.MA: The idea is to use your Dantian, waist, to move. I'm sitting here right now. If you want to attack me I can move fast forward without using legs, but by straightening the waist. (Mr.Ma made a demonstration - from a sitting position he was able to move fast very far forward before he touched the floor with his legs).

JS: It all sounds and looks very mysterious...

MR.MA: It is not mysterious at all, it's just a matter of skill, of hard practice." - Mr Ma Chuanxu

Full interview with Mr Ma Chuanxu.

The pursuit of the Siddhi Laghima has spread into many cultures and practises all over the world.
We have a deep connection with the element air. Evolving we spent hundreds of thousands of years leaping through the air refining our technique.
All this work echoes within our DNA and by man creating mental associations with air and methods developed around them,
we can explore our potential of using the element air to affect our consciousness and body
opening up new ways to traverse and interact with the physical universe.

The Fire Yogi

Here is a fascinating example of a Yogi creating a relationship with the element fire.
He uses mantras offerings and breathing techniques to create strong mental associations to the element fire.

Full documentary

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Updated 06-14-2018 at 10:38 PM by Kibric

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  1. Loki Morningstar's Avatar
    Loki Morningstar -
    Nice article, and video, Kibric. Based on your recent blog posts it seems we may be on similar paths. Namaste.
  2. Kibric's Avatar
    Kibric -
    Thanks Loki.. Sorry you lost your show...
    You've got a layout for a good book, keep us all updated.
  3. Loki Morningstar's Avatar
    Loki Morningstar -
    What the!?! He is laying in fire, at times on fire?!? Don't think I'll try this any time soon lol. Really look forward to researching it at some point though. Strange regarding his cholesterol, and drinking so little water. Even if there is some kind of trick to not getting burnt, one would need lots of mental control to get that close to the heat. Very interesting. Thanks. Will do.