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Finally practising Alchemy

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15 years of study.

Lets estimate a rough $25,000 worth of equipment and experiment feedstocks.

And only now can i even begin to actually read an alchemical text and ACTUALLY know what they are talking about.

Granted; the entire time up until now I thought that i knew what it all ment but i was pretty far off the entire time. And i now suspect that the vast majority of people on this site still are truly far far from the truth.

So what makes me so sure now?
I think you know when all of these sentiments cl8ck all at once:

It is a dry water.
It is a womans work and childs play.
It is in all things and to it all things return.
It IS Mercury(Hermes), he who is the connection from the world of Gods to the world of Man.

The Stone is found in the mineral kingdom i do now believe.

However Our Mercury is not; or at least the method to make it accessible from stones i havent found yet.

We need to understand that pyramids and arks were tools for advamced alchemy practises.

We need to understand how they relate to the spirit and how they relate to matter.

Well actually we dont NEED all that stuff; but to just gently fix the volatile, repeatedly, to taste.

Herbs, animals, rocks. This is all dirty shit that is at some midway point in its evolution. We dont want a half way point. We want a seed; a seed that we can grow.

I say forget all of that shit and stick to the simple basics.

The Hand of the Philosophers was all that was needed in my opinion which already has so many useful items on it, that i doubt anything else to be nessecary. Even people have done it with only part of the hand.

The Philosophical Hand is quicker than the minds eye.

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