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" Civilisation is a deception " - A Hermit's Guide to Longevity

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Using the environment - Continued


Drinking chlorophyll once you have separated from its leaves has many health benefits.

How can you remove chlorophyll from leaves?

" We reported that chlorophyll improves facial wrinkles and elasticity in female volunteers over the age of 45 who received two different doses of chlorophyll extract supplement for 90 days. Compared to baseline, type I procollagen synthesis was increased, with a substantial reduction in UV-induced thymine dimer staining and UV-induced apoptosis of keratinocytes in a dose-dependent manner [22]. Considering the pivotal role of ROS in photoaging, chlorophyll’s anti-oxidant properties are speculated to play a role in reducing wrinkles, epidermal DNA damage, and apoptosis."


" Resveratrol is a small polyphenol compound found in red grape skin, nuts, fruits, and red wine. Many studies have suggested that this compound has anti-carcinogenic effects that can be attributed to its free radical-scavenging ability "

The Role of Functional Foods in Cutaneous Anti-aging

Drinking dew

Dew is rich in oxygen and great for the skin. If we apply morning dew to our skin within weeks we can look more youthful.
Hermits have know for ages the benefits of drinking dew, and dew has always been seen as life sustaining through many cultures.
Only now are scientists rediscovering there was method to their madness.

" To the ancient Chinese, dew symbolized immortality, and was an important part of Taoist philosophy and practice. The Immortals of Taoism were said to be perfected beings who lived on mountains, fed on the wind, sipped the dew, and experienced ecstatic flight. It was believed that dew which formed around temples and at sacred places was especially beneficial. "

Dew and Flower Essences

Dew was also important to alchemists. Paracelsus collected it, alchemists experimented with it a few ways, and it found its way into Magick.

" We have found in a “Magia Divina” the following directions for accomplishing a perpetuum mobile naturæ, the efficacy of which we leave for the reader to decide. "

“During the twelve nights after Christmas 1½ measures of dew are collected from fruit-trees, and preserved well enclosed. In the month of March dew is again collected from both fruit-trees and meadows and is preserved in another phial. Dew collected in May is poured in a third and rain of a thunderstorm during the summer in a fourth. Thereupon the contents of the four phials are mixed and one measure of it is poured into a great transparent glass retort where, well covered, it must remain a month until it becomes foul. Put it then over fire and subject to heat of the second degree. When sufficiently distilled a substance thick as honey is left. In this residue are poured four grains of astral tincture. The mixture is exposed to a heat of the first degree, by which it is converted into a thick, jet-black lump which again is dissolved, forming below an ink-like fluid, and above a vapor, in which many colors and figures are seen. These soon disappear, and every thing is changed into water, which begins to turn green, and green palaces, constantly enlarging, and mountains and lovely pastures appear, while the water is diminished more and more. When now you find that no more dew rises from the earth within the glass, take the water which you received from the distillation, mix with it a drachm of astral tincture and pour an ounce of this mixture into the glass bulb. Then every thing begins again to live and grow. Add every month an ounce of this mixture. If then the glass ball is well closed, and is not stirred, a vapor gradually arises, and is condensed into two shining stars, like the sun and the moon, and like the latter, one of these stars waxes and wanes; and all the phenomena of nature, thunder, lightning, hail, rain, snow and dew, will appear in your glass ball as in the real world around you. All this will happen if you keep the great Creator before your eyes and in your heart, and if you conceal from the wicked world this great secret.”

Dew is a vital ingredient for a hermit using the natural world to achieve longevity.
Learning how to collect dew is one of the first things to master, if you are going to survive as a hermit.

Wild Man Hair

An incredible way the human body responds to the environment.

Wild men have often been depicted as covered in hair. While scholars will dismiss it has invention it does in fact have roots in science.
If a child before puberty is left in the wild, bared skin and exposed to the air, the hormones in his body will tell it to produce more hair than usual,
to conserve body heat.
There is a long history of feral children having been found covered in hair. We hear about these children as Wolf Boy's, local myths.
Feral children survive miraculously by copying the behaviours of animals and following the diets of animals.

Feral child

Shamdeo ( The Wolf Boy - 1972 )
" This boy was taken to the catholic mission at Sultanpur, a town in Punjab India, by a man who had alledegly found him
living in a forest with wolves. The boy estimated to be three or four years old at the time was covered in matted hair "
- The Book of Lists: The Original Compendium of Curious Information

" A Latin treatise of 1557 by another Italian physician, Giulio Cesare Scaligero, contains a definitive reference,
noting a hairy Spanish boy referred to in France by the nickname " Barbet " brought from the Indies. "

Medical cultures of the early modern spanish empire ( contains more examples )

Amongst White Clouds

An amazing documentary which delves into the lives of hermits. Contains a lot of wisdom on how to approach life has a hermit.
They mention eating bark and nettles and how they use the environment to develop wisdom.

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  1. Dragon's Tail's Avatar
    Dragon's Tail -
    You can extract chlorophyll from tinctures, I did a post somewhere around here about DT's "Green Monster." High proof tincture of the herb, then waterbomb, let settle, and draw a tincture off the black mass that drops out of solution