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Using Blacklight to identify energy rich minerals

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Some very interesting observations today. Having bought an UV light (a proper one, not an led one) and having slept out at the mine to sing koonbiya, drink piss, write music and find opal all throughout the night hours; many interesting things occured....

Most of which are hardly of any concern to you. My epic song that i started writing isnt finished yet...

However, upon using the blacklight to scan around for opal at night, another amazing thing caught my eye....

Not only does potch and opal glow blue under blacklight, but it turns out that gypsum also has a slight orange glow and then when i checked my shed tonight. The gypsum roses (desert roses, one of the symbols of the R.C.'s) has an even more intensive orange glow. I then thought... "I wonder...."

So i pulled out some calcite and low and behold it glowed a very bright cyan colour...

Normal rocks such as sand stone and clay do not glow at all. Only these crystal formations.

Im about to run trsts on simpiler salts such as KCl, NaCl and K2PO4. Just to check... but im not sure they will show any signs of..

.....LIFE (?)..... under black light.

Updates ahead...

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  1. elixirmixer's Avatar
    elixirmixer -
    It is as predicted... not ALL crystaline structures emit this light under blacklight (and also store... all minerals that reflect also gather energy and glow for short periods of time after the black light is removed)

    NaCl does not.
    KCl does not.
    Selenite (gypsum) does not
    Desert roses (gypsum) DOES.
    Calcite DOES.
    Hymilaian.. is wonderful... most does not glow... and then there is an incredible ray of orange, blue, green and bright yellow. Specs in the NaCl matrix. Incredible (imo)

    The work progresses.....
  2. Dragon's Tail's Avatar
    Dragon's Tail -
    Nice. Phosphorescence is a wonderful thing. Did your blacklight opal hunt fetch you some monies for the family?

    How about them gallstones? I never saw an update about that. When my gallbladder was taken out (undergoing necrosis) I was passing a stone the size of a quarter about the same time every night. It was an awful experience, so I know the pain.
  3. elixirmixer's Avatar
    elixirmixer -
    Yes, i have found some valuable opal. Im not selling it though. Im keeping it for my children to inherit. I went out today and found some really promising bits of trace so im going tomorrow morning again to have a go; its getting pretty dangerous though. I might give it a bit of a break after tomorrow.

    Gall bladder and come to think of it, the rest of my body is fucked. I havent been taking care of myself very well at all (ever). However, ive stockpiled a rediculous amount of medicinal herbs, and ordered a few special medicines to help kick off my new health craze that begins in two days. Andro pointed me in the direction of a medicine that may be of use in combating the gall, however i think its more aimed at thoroughly cleaning out the digestive tract so that the body can absorb nutrition properly again which should help with everything. Should be here on monday so we'll see how that goes. Okra E-3 or something... a few people from the forum tried it with great results so....

    Anyway, how are your dry distillations going? Are you consuming the stuff your making?
  4. Dragon's Tail's Avatar
    Dragon's Tail -
    Wishing you the best.

    The dry distillation stuff has been put on the backburner. I'm experimenting infrequently with what I have as I feel like it. My paleolithic alchemy experimentation is going quite well though. I keep finding bits of the literature as I proceed. The process has be fruitful in terms of producing curiosities, but mining the sulfur of the vegetable kingdom is not straightforward. Once I have my new process worked out, there are 2 materials that I would like to put through the trials to boost my confidence in it, and after that, I'll go after the animal and mineral kingdoms with the same. Quite exciting. Don't know if it will produce the stone, but then who knows until you put it in a pot with molten lead?
  5. elixirmixer's Avatar
    elixirmixer -
    Well the red oils of dry distillation are as good as anything to be considered the sulfur of the plant kingdom i think. They are fire proof, and volatile, and most importantly (imo) RED. Inhad a really profitable opal day today and i didnt die which are both big blessings.

    I was mining, then went to work, then went out 'noodling' with a black light and now its midnight and im stuffed.

    Goodnight my friend(s)