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Alchemy; as an Extreme Sport

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My practise doco intro Youtube video hit 777 today.

Reflecting from then to now i see a huuuge valley of ignorance from where i was then. You see im clearly one of these yuppies that blew all his money slowly killing himself with high chemical exposure and self-adminitered clinical trials..

All in pursuit of the Holy Grail.

Alchemy explores some pretty deep stuff. It encapsulates so many diferent disciplines into a philosophical egg, and upon touching anything, causes it to grow and expand and change in new and dynamic ways.

Every part of the universe, can be seen through new eyes using alchemy. Every molcule, has a dash more clarity, when we seen the world through alchemy.

Alchemy truly is the art of evolution. It calcines, dissolves, separates, putrifies, purifies, multiplies and projects into anything that it touches.

Alchemy is the work of The Separator.

It is the action of the ether upon our 3ird Dimensional reality.

It is the divider between space - and counter space.

* * *

When alchemists who art learning the art in this modern day strive to reach the Waters of Life, they so often spend years upon years searching for a SUBSTANCE.

A substance that would make a substantial impact on their lives, their understanding, ect..

However the "MATTER" that your looking for is no matter at all. And it doesnt matter. In the end. Its only ENERGY.

It is a particular ENERGY that the ancients are talking about. It is not a matter. Yet these very inteligent human beings learned how to impregnate matter with this particular energy.

You can biomass all you like, and crank uo some seriously potent vitriol. However, what your looking for is everywhere. All men have it, yet inly a few show it esteem. Break a rock and He is there. Let us all consider the great illusion in which we toil. We are a fallen species, and tormented with our own, self inflicted blindnesses.

The Four elements are Accelerstion, Force, Motion and Inertia. The 4 elements are energies. The alchemists used these elements to create disequilibrium that would normally not be present, within their own, man-made glassware. Nature then "does the work" of creating harmony again within her energies. The Alchemists used Natures tendancy to correct unbalance to effect changes in matter that allowed them to create the stone. I mean the (what i usually call) truetruetrue stone, the one which is unspecified and performs incredible miracles.

Anyway, probably going to go burn some gypsum, just cause.... wanna beer mate?

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  1. elixirmixer's Avatar
    elixirmixer -
    Even the light of Malkuth is a body. If it were not so, how could it hold the energy it recieves from the higher vibrations.