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    CO2 gas is fairly soluble in water. It plays its role in the carbon cycle and in water, struggles against itself in an eternal equilibrium tug-of-war.

    Hydrogen Bicarbonate as Prima Materia

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    z0 K

    The Universal Menstruum does originate with the Green Dragon and/or Green Lyon. The Green Lyon is the starting material. The Green Dragon is the matter

    Circulatum Minus

    z0 K 6 Hours Ago Go to last post

    Thank you both. I was also wondering where the Universal Menstruum originates, in the first way of the Aphorisms it sounds like the Green-Dragon?

    Circulatum Minus

    Seraphim 10 Hours Ago Go to last post

    A bit difficult to make such a simple thing fit into the rather obscure and complicated description given by the author:

    XXV. The Universal

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    Circulatum Minus

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