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    Dragon's Tail

    Is there anywhere we can see the photographs from the 1940's experiment? I might do a search for them later. Kind of busy at the moment and just checking


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    Since there was nothing else between him and the ground that could have slowed him down, I'd say it is about 99.9% sure he would have died from the full

    'One Matter' - Empiricism & Alchemy - Discerning Truth from Deception

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    Dragon's Tail

    There are those who would disagree with you on this point

    Of course, it's partly a matter of semantics. Money doesn't "do" evil,


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    Illen A. Cluf

    I would be interested in hearing more about this type of phenomena. Although I was brought up in very scientific/mathematical family circles, I will openly


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    Hello people,
    Is there someone here,who believes in the possibility of animal and plant palingenesis,and had direct experience with this type of


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