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    I am doing this all on a phone now days so have patience.
    Taiji is in itself awesome. However it won't rejuvinate the body in itself. Taiji being

    Key to Internal Alchemy

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    Michael Sternbach

    Hi White Belt,

    Who said the following?

    “the same deed for which a normal mortal would burn for a hundred million eons,

    Key to Internal Alchemy

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    White Belt

    The Law of Inversion?
    Every type of passion (sexual pleasure, fits of rage, hate and loathing) which is normally considered taboo by Buddhist ethical

    Key to Internal Alchemy

    White Belt 1 Day Ago Go to last post

    Indiana Jones last crusade.

    Postquam Lapis

    Kibric 1 Day Ago Go to last post

    Using the seminal fluid to cause the opening of the 3 channels ? yer the bandhas. Clench your fists.

    Perversion is subjective, if

    Key to Internal Alchemy

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