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Hopefully I'm not too biased, but I am under the impression that this is the most data-rich forum on Alchemy that is publicly accessible (without being a registered member). And when I sometimes look at the number of online visitors, I get the impression that we have FAR more readers than members. I would also think that the "secret" of our 12 years survival (so far) is an open-ended platform with room for multiple angles of viewing Alchemy (not everyone has to "agree" on everything), along with the non-alchemical sections (such as "General Discussions", "Silly Threads", "YouTube Threads", etc...) to provide some occasional non-alchemical "breaks" plus the option to interact on less "serious" business... All this, combined with a strict non-trolling & non-flaming "policy", is what made us survive so far. IMO. And a highly dedicated staff doesn't hurt either... LOL... even if we all make mistakes every now and then...

PS: And today is not just Happy Birthday for the Forum, but apparently for LeoRetilus as well! Happy Birthday, Leo!
How very true Mr. Andro.

It's good to send our birthday wishes to AF.

BUT it would be even better to send a little gift in the way of ... Donation.

I have and still do receive a lot from AF as I'm sure others do also.

If the members donated even the cost of a cup of coffee that could make a huge difference to the running costs of AF.

Remember "Knowledge is Priceless" and there is a lot of it in AF for free.

Thanks Alchemy Forums !!!