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Thread: Practical Alchemy - An Introduction

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    Practical Alchemy - An Introduction

    This is a Phoenix-thread from the old site.

    Practical Alchemy is not really my field, but it does interest me although I have more questions in this area than answers. I will write a very short introduction and supply a couple of links, but I implore anyone that feels they can add to this introduction to do so.

    In short practical alchemy is about transmuting lead into gold, by heating and refining the metal in various chemical processeses Ė and under certain astrological conditions.

    It is an ancient art that was practiced both in Ancient Egypt and China. It arrived on the European shores in the 12th century. Some discoveries were made by the European alchemists such as mineral acids and alcohol, and of course it evolved into what is now known as chemistry.

    Well that is as brief as I will be. Feel free to lengthen, revise and deepen this introduction to Practical Alchemy.

    Some useful websites:
    18th century Chemical Terms List
    Alchymical survival - some notes on safety in alchemical experiments by Tom McRae
    Alchemical processes
    Dictionary of alchemical substances and processeses
    Book of Salts, The by Karen Bartlett (PDF)
    Course on Practical Alchemy by John Reid
    Divinerís Sage
    Essential Oil Distiller Operating Instructions
    Gem Elixir Database
    Herbal Guide to Healing
    Monatomic Elements (Ormes)
    Planetary Charts by Paracelsus
    Practical Plant Alchemy - part 1 by Mark Stavish
    Practical Plant Alchemy - part 2 by Mark Stavish
    Practical Plant Alchemy - part 3 by Mark Stavish
    Mechanical Press Operation Instructions (PDF)
    Sacred Soma of the Alchemists by Dr. Michael Hartman
    Using Essential Oils

    Quote Originally Posted by Jerry
    Hi deviadah,

    I have somewhat a more limited definition of practical Alchemy.

    I would state the objectives are as finding:

    1. Aurum potabile. The "cure all" medicine which according to Fulcanelli as 'not having one atom of gold'.

    2. The Carbuncule. The mystical glowing gem of the Ancients.

    3. Stone of Transmutation. There may be more than one definition to this. It could be defined as the Stone which transmutes lead (Pb) or some other base metal into Gold (Au). Or perhaps this involves the transmutation of the Soul and the physical appearance of transmutation is secondary.

    I also place limitations as what substance(s) to work on.

    "Hence if you know our Art, extract our gold from our Mercury (this is the shorter way), and thus perform the whole operation with one substance (viz., Mercury); if you can do this, you will have attained to the perfection of philosophy. In this method, there is no superfluous trouble: the whole work, from beginning to end, is based upon one broad foundation -- whereas if you take common gold, you must operate on two substances, and both will have to be purified by an elaborate process." - Open Entrance, Philalethes.

    I then place anything that doesn't fall into the above as particulars, examples, discoveries, or applications.

    Quote Originally Posted by deviadah
    Quote Originally Posted by Jerry
    I have somewhat a more limited definition of practical Alchemy.
    Well there is no point in beating around the bush... keep it simple and quick. After all we live in an MTV generational world!

    I missed that you joined and I hope you can add more to what you've already written. Especially on the Carbuncule.
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