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Thread: Researching GW Stone and Alkahest

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    Apr 2019
    Russian Federation, Tyumen
    Several conclusions can be drawn from my work with urina.Urina is really divided into two elements by simple distillation. On white volatile salt and water with the smell of ammonia. This can be done in one operation, in one vessel. After the liquid has evaporated, the salt sublimates on the walls of your refrigerator. The temperature doesn't matter. Both of these substances are extremely volatile. For joint circulation, sealed vessels are needed. A flask with a lapped stopper is not required. You need to further isolate the connection. I'll continue working and show you the results. I'm just sure they'll be interesting.

    *Excuse my English

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    Nov 2012
    my location changes from time to time, sorry
    temperature does matter. I have already been trough his with fortune 100 company's in secrets meetings. but please. I am excited to learn of your failures. Most all Chinese or endo china failed. wonder why?

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