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Thread: Secrecy & Alchemical Initiations

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    Has Anyone Here Made a Philosopher's Stone

    If so, would you care to share images, experiences, and information on it?

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    May 2021
    Oh I would really like to see one too.
    I am sure many of us have felt like we were on to something; and then the question of if you had it would you even recognize it?

    "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you" Mathew 7:7

    There is lots on this forum to read through; this quote from Paracelsus stuck with me when i first came across the infamous Book of Aquarius .

    "In its first state, it appears as an impure earthly body, full of imperfections. It then has an earthly nature, healing all
    sickness and wounds in the bowels of man, producing good and consuming proud flesh, expelling all stench, and
    healing generally, inwardly and outwardly. In its second nature, it appears as a watery body, somewhat more
    beautiful than before, because (although still having its corruptions) its Virtue is greater. It is much nearer the truth,
    and more effective in works. In this form it cures cold and hot fevers and is a specific against poisons, which it drives
    from heart and lungs, healing the same when injured or wounded, purifying the blood, and, taken three times a day, is
    of great comfort in all diseases. But in its third nature it appears as an aerial body, of an oily nature, almost freed
    from all imperfections, in which form it does many wondrous works, producing beauty and strength of body, and (a
    small quantity being taken in the food) preventing melancholy and heating of the gall, increasing the quantity of the
    blood and seed, so that frequent bleeding becomes necessary. It expands the blood vessels, cures withered limbs,
    restores strength to the sight, in growing persons removes what is superfluous and makes good defects in the limbs. In
    its fourth nature it appears in a fiery form (not quite freed from all imperfections, still somewhat watery and not dried
    enough), wherein it has many virtues, making the old young and reviving those at the point of death. For if to such an
    one there be given, in wine, a barleycorn's weight of this fire, so that it reach the stomach, it goes to his heart,
    renewing him at once, driving away all previous moisture and poison, and restoring the natural heat of the liver.
    Given in small doses to old people, it removes the diseases of age, giving the old young hearts and bodies. Hence it is
    called the Elixir of Life. In its fifth and last nature, it appears in a glorified and illuminated form, without defects,
    shining like gold and silver, wherein it possesses all previous powers and virtues in a higher and more wondrous
    degree. Here its natural works are taken for miracles. When applied to the roots of dead trees they revive, bringing
    forth leaves and fruit. A lamp, the oil of which is mingled with this spirit, continues to burn for ever without
    diminution. It converts crystals into the most precious stones of all colours, equal to those from the mines, and does
    many other incredible wonders which may not be revealed to the unworthy. For it heals all dead and living bodies
    without other medicine. "

    The Book of the Revelation of Hermes, by Theophrastus Paracelsus, 16th Cen.

    Have you attempted the great work? I think a bunch of us have and some may have succeeded, you will learn either way from the experience of trying to figure it out.
    Keep it fun is my humble advice, not being a master alchemist by any means.

    Have fun!

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