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Thread: AMORC

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    Quote Originally Posted by dev View Post
    Just watched a very good documentary on Scientology and I can honestly say that AMORC (or other Rosicrucian orders) are the poor mans Scientology. And less threatening as long as they get their pamphlets back when you leave.

    I was looking for something else and I arrived here...

    My 2 cents on the issue of AMORC:

    -I have never been a member of AMORC.

    -I have a Xerox copy of ALL the grades that AMORC has and all the study materials they give, they were given to me by a former member who completed all the grades and found out that he had spent a lot of money on something that was worth nothing.

    -Having read the whole of their materials, I'd say that they offer nothing, except the experience of being part of something that claims to be "Rosicrucian"...

    Quote Originally Posted by memphis_mizraim View Post
    AMORC is a brain washing order and should be avoided. Founded on lies who's only goal is make money. I was in the planes degree's and it took me that long to find out that Lewis only dreamed his initiation in France. Sorry if i offend anyone but I am sure many on here will agree with me.
    -I wouldn't say it's a brain washing order, but it is for sure one of those orders that have little to offer and organize their study programs to last a long time and does not treat their members as initiates, but as "clients" who are purchasing a product... and their product is mostly silly.

    -Some people has an "anti-Orders" philosophy and some people has a different ideology that accepts that some Orders are useful. I'm part of this second group.
    I do not believe that there's such thing as "the perfect Order" or the "only true Order" and my advice to ANYONE who has this second philosophy is to get involved with at least two unrelated Orders (or maybe at least three)... no Order is "perfectly complete", no Order is "perfectly balanced"... and some Orders are worth nothing, but it's hard to tell which ones are the ones which are worth nothing if you have nothing to compare them with.

    -If I had to choose between Scientology and AMORC, I'd certainly choose AMORC!!!!

    -But since the world is big and the Orders are many, I'd never even spend a single second considering to join AMORC... which is mostly a "shop" under the disguise of an Order.

    -Cults and dangerous Orders are not a myth, they do exist... but I do not think of AMOR as one of them, but I do not give AMORC any kind of value either. It's mostly silly, but not really dangerous.

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    For those interested in Rosicrucianism, I have recently read an excellent book by Paul Sedir, History and Doctrine of the Rose Croix.

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