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Thread: Success

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    Is it possible for you to stick to your original posts instead of dramatically editing and adding to it after the fact?
    Ζογκλέρ που Καταπίωει Φωτιές

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hephælios View Post
    Is it possible for you to stick to your original posts instead of dramatically editing and adding to it after the fact?
    I too have noticed this by several, and it does make it hard to reply to something that keeps changing...
    One fatal tree there stands of knowledge called, forbidden them to taste. Knowledge forbidden? Suspicious. Reasonless. And why should their Lord envy them that? Can it be sin to know? Can it be death? And do they stand by ignorance, is that their happy state, the proof of their obedience and their faith?

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    Reminds me of the latent insult...that real zinger you should've said.
    Ζογκλέρ που Καταπίωει Φωτιές

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    I just noticed the link I provided to Dr. Emoto's work was I bid to try and sell some crap book or something, please don't buy it , there are many places you can go on the web to read about his work for free.

    But that page does provide some solid info on his work
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    Would it also be possible to stop this incessant bickering and nit picking of each other's post?

    Why not just take or leave what we care to, and thank each other for sharing?

    I think we will all find this will make for a more productive environment unless of course you are here to distract.

    As for my prior post concerning ph. mercury, and water and the impression of thoughts upon thereof (think dew) and quantum physics/uncertainty , ....What do you think about all of this Hephælios?

    And by the way how do you spell that with a keyboard, the a and e joined like that?

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    Well it is a bit hard to respond when the posts change.
    You can spell the letter æ (æsc or "ash tree") by typing 0230 while holding the Alt button. I'll answer your other question when I have more time.
    Ζογκλέρ που Καταπίωει Φωτιές

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    Lightbulb Extracting the Mercury Principal From Air

    While your doing that, here is some more to consider. I wasn't going to make this public knowledge, but what the hay, maybe I'll have my nation of high priests after all.
    This originated as a background conversation to give a few people on here maybe a different or more modern angle to consider some of the alchemical processes that we have been reading about lately. And maybe this will lead to more work with dew and more specifically extracting the mercury principal from where it originates, the air or in my opinion, the aether(vacuum).

    A few years ago I built a magnetic levitation trap like the one you can build by going here : sink trap.The theory behind the operation of a magnetic trap is that the mercury principal which current (non-alchemy practicing) experimenters call ormus, has been found to be highly responsive to magnetic fields. It likes to hang out in tight spaces, and null magnetic fields and flys away from strong magnetic fields or sunlight and sometimes explodes in sunlight. This is where the work with magnetite in soil with concern to growing plants comes in which you can view here: Magnetite Plants As well as healing and the veritable turning back the hands of time , you can see an example here: Magnetite Water The insight here is that since ormus, or our mercury responds to magnetic fields by moving away from them, then by providing the opposite, a null magnetic field, which magnetite does by absorbing ambient fields, will attract the ormus out of the air. Ormus, not to be confused with ormes which are the precipitate family. And speaking of that, frankly I'd like to clear something up. I have in my posession several dvds of David Hudson's lectures, and in none of them does he ever state that ormes are the Philosophers Stone. In my opinion they are the Philosophical Salt and so is any precipitate you obtain from the ocean or from sea salt for that matter. The reason I say that is because I have personally duplicated the work of Don Nance that I presented in the Seed of Gold Thread, and have been able to obtain precious metals from seawater after precipitation and treatment, with vulgar sulfur and UV light/sunlight. Anyhow, after I built the levitation trap I put it to work extracting a faction of water from the natural springs that originate on the island where I live on here in Alaska. When I began to concentrate this "good" water , crystals began to appear suspended in solution. These crystals when viewed under a microscope resemble tartaric acid crystals obtained from concord grape juice. Shortly after, I came upon this website: Gas Ormus(you'd be doing your self a great service by reading this entire page and following all the links) Especially this one: Air Trap
    (It is my assertion,... I've said it before and I'll say it again that the alkahest dissolves metallic gold because of the Philosophical Mercury contained therein , in that it dissolves the gold by virtue of its magnetic qualities) And this one: Ether Method. The idea is that since we know that our mercury principal can be collected with alcohol spirits sometimes from our prima materia, that by running air or water through a magnetic field, the ormus or mercury will turn around and flow through the negative pressure vortex and travel against the flow of the water, and collect in our di-ethyl ether, and people I have done this, it works!
    Much later I came upon this website and really got into classical alchemy for the first time, where I found the final piece of the puzzle, which I came to know as the Philosophical Sulfur. Then it took some time before I was able to become conversant in the vocabulary where I could link this newer technology with the old. And boy when I did , man did it really begin to come together. The point is that these substances are the same, they haven't changed their nature since the beginning of time, the only thing that has changed is humans, they come and go, and call things by different names. But in my experience if it walks like a duck, and talks like a duck, then most likely its a duck.
    As a scientist my primary objective is to identify my variables and my elements(controls) and really get to know them intimately by exploring every facet of their nature both by experimentation and research, before I can accurately perform permutations with my elements and apply the scientific method. I enter every experiment with an open mind, knowing for a fact that science does not hold all the answers , but by studying nature in my own ways(through experimentation and intuition) she teaches me the most important lessons, and be very aware that there may be more variables at work in these processes than what you may consider from inception, and when dealing with the mercury principal especially as I tried to convey in that Snowflake/Emoto/Uncertainty post, attitude may be the most important, .....pray over your work it helps. .
    So I have had great success in collecting this material and combining it with the incombustible, heat treated sea water precipitate, and now the sulfur principal from my urine to create a transmuting stone, is it the long storied and sought after Philosopher's Stone?......Well I'll be drinking to my wealth, health and happiness while you guys can feel free to argue about it, just leave me out of such discussions.

    May the greatest light of insight and knowledge shine upon you while you consider what I've said.
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    Another thing to consider here people
    is that of the originating post subject.

    If people post everything in one thread
    the subject material quickly becomes lost.

    I am guessing that three or four threads
    could be extracted from this one; probably

    Just a thought.



    Just to play devils advocate once more:

    Wonky Water

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    Dear Leo,

    As you already know, I completely resonate with the concepts you've presented above. I'm actually quite surprised you've decided to make this information public, but then again these things have a tendency to remain guarded in their applications even when publicly revealed to the extensive degree that you have.

    It's probably a mistake on my part to 'argue' my points and views. Those who resonate will resonate, and those who don't will either distract or make it about something else, or even feel insulted. It is not my purpose to insult anyone, but it's everyone's right to go ahead and feel insulted if they so wish

    This thread has a life of its own and much has been revealed here, in and between the lines. I personally find the prayer/intention/lucid dreaming factor to be of utmost importance in manipulating matters of such subtlety - just as I find a closed heart and a looped mind to be a major impediment in The Work. And I'm talking from past personal experience...

    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Dylan View Post
    You better start swimmin'
    Or you'll sink like a stone
    For the times they are a-changin'
    At the end of the day, all disputes and hornlocking aside, it all comes down to the simple fact that some will 'get it' and some won't.
    I share your hope that there will be more of the former... And the proof of that shall be in the pudding

    As for the concepts you have revealed here, Leo - I find them to be flawless. My own approach is much more Lo-Tech than yours and takes more time, and also differs in that I prefer to extract my principles from one single source, and do so with the least possible intervention. But this doesn't negate the fact that what you've revealed above is the source code for Our Work.

    So I am publicly thanking you not only for your revelations, but also for the major validation your input has provided for my own work.

    Now I'll go check to see how my pudding is coming along
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    To Ghislain

    Splitting material up between post/threads also contributes to the overall loss of coherence of how all things are related and thus my message is also lost. It needs to all be in the same place so people can make the connections.

    In playing devils advocate maybe, "it would be wise to not believe but also un-wise to dis-believe."

    By all means don't believe me, verify it yourself and then come back and discuss it with me after you have some basis of your own. Just because it doesn't conform to modern scientific dogma doesn't make it pseudo-science, if there's even an ounce in you that believes it is, then why are you here?
    Isn't the Philosopher's Stone and alchemy in general pseudo-science, didn't we figure out that low energy transmutations were not possible along time ago, and that lead to gold was just a metaphor, aren't we past all this? After all we have chemistry and it explains everything right? Or maybe just everything that we are comfortable in knowing. After all there is no such thing as ghosts and re-incarnation either and when you die you just die, nothing else happens. This is good view to have when humans have been equated to so many head of cattle who's primary purpose is to work a nine to five job until the day they die, to be the "backbone" and keep the economy going so the guys with the secrets and the power get to keep em. The system we live in today isn't much different from the feudal system of old, there still isn't much room for mobility, there is an elite club and they don't like newcomers, we still have a system of lords and vassals. You are only given the illusion that you can rise up and make a difference.

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