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Thread: Success

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    Quote Originally Posted by Androgynus View Post
    ..... I personally find the prayer/intention/lucid dreaming factor to be of utmost importance in manipulating matters of such subtlety - just as I find a closed heart and a looped mind to be a major impediment in The Work. And I'm talking from past personal experience...
    Absolutely, I have found the same thing through personal experience

    Quote Originally Posted by Androgynus View Post

    So I am publicly thanking you not only for your revelations, but also for the major validation your input has provided for my own work.
    Thanks, and your work with acorns along with others has unlocked many keys for me as well

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    Quote Originally Posted by Androgynus View Post
    Dear Leo,

    As you already know, I completely resonate with the concepts you've presented above. I'm actually quite surprised you've decided to make this information public, but then again these things have a tendency to remain guarded in their applications even when publicly revealed to the extensive degree that you have.
    I'm just posting this for posterity, but as you know the PM is a woman, she's a great lady and she's quite intuitive(residing from the moon) and very particular about who she becomes intimate with, she will flee from the flasks of all others,..... this is how alchemy is protected. Without her they have nothing
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    This may fit just as well into the 'Love' thread... But I find it better suited here...

    When properly nourished, love is what facilitates deep unions between people and principles alike.

    Alchemically speaking, I think we're finding out that the saying "Love is in the Air" can be interpreted quite literally
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ghislain View Post
    Another thing to consider here people
    is that of the originating post subject.

    If people post everything in one thread
    the subject material quickly becomes lost.

    I am guessing that three or four threads
    could be extracted from this one; probably

    Just a thought.



    Just to play devils advocate once more:

    Wonky Water

    Yes. I don't know what to do with this thread, it's so diffused - why bother trying
    to organise it.
    You guys can help me out by remaining organised yourselves. There's so much
    non-practical/lab alchemy in this thread. Maybe I'll try to separate it. But until
    my laptop gets fixed, I don't have a lot of time.


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    I'm glad you made that material more public Leo.

    I had my first bottle of 3-4 day magnetite water today and it was amazing!
    I felt it alot in my temples, and then in places that could use some healing -
    eyes and teeth. I was really surprised. I have to get more magnetite so I can
    have this more often.
    I can buy magnetite at my local clay art center.

    For the record, my water was stirred with a "gourmet" stir-wand before I placed
    it in the magnetite. It may make a difference.

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    Splitting material up between post/threads also contributes to the overall loss of coherence of how all things are related and thus my message is also lost. It needs to all be in the same place so people can make the connections.
    I personally disagree with what you say there L.R. as people can link together what they is their choice, but as far as a forum goes surely it is best served to have some order?

    In playing devils advocate maybe, "it would be wise to not believe but also un-wise to dis-believe."
    I think it is always healthy to look at a subject from more than one angle,
    then make an informed decision. When people reject an opposing opinion without any consideration I have to wonder why.

    By all means don't believe me,

    verify it yourself and then come back and discuss it with me after you have some basis of your own.
    I found your post most interesting...I have even posted some notes on the mystery of the properties of water (post 5) and how much is not known. I will try...
    dexterity recreate the apparatus described.

    Just because it doesn't conform to modern scientific dogma doesn't make it pseudo-science, if there's even an ounce in you that believes it is, then why are you here?
    Einstein did more to further the studies of quantum physics due to his disagreements with quantum physicists of the time than he did to validate
    his position...this was not a bad thing...questions keep the momentum going.

    Who could have opposition to questions...

    Why am I here...I have so many unanswered questions.


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    I kinda agree with Leo on this: the thread is about success, so in that, how can it be limited to 1 thing or another? All of it is about 1 subject, yet there are many "sub-subjects" that contribute to the whole of the successful subject, essentially.

    If it were me, id leave it as "one of them threads... " and "let it be".

    (to clarify: the " " shown above was in such a way as to denote the "mass" in the thread, and in no way was meant derogatorily. )

    Funny thing is, in the time its taken me to type this, there have been 2 more posts... my comment to all is: Thanks for all the reading material, kept me busy lately, and i hate being bored.

    One fatal tree there stands of knowledge called, forbidden them to taste. Knowledge forbidden? Suspicious. Reasonless. And why should their Lord envy them that? Can it be sin to know? Can it be death? And do they stand by ignorance, is that their happy state, the proof of their obedience and their faith?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LeoRetilus View Post
    I'm just posting this for posterity, but as you know the PM is a woman, she's a great lady and she's quite intuitive(residing from the moon) and very particular about who she becomes intimate with, she will flee from the flasks of all others,..... this is how alchemy is protected. Without her they have nothing
    Some years ago I became aware of a strong feminine "spirit" overseeing my crawling progress. She has drawn increasingly closer as I let go my pre-conceptions. It became clear that "philoopsher" does not mean "lover of wisdom" but "lover of Sophia," the great "Archon" whose spiritual body is our Mater Matter Prima Materia We are the children who sit on her lap but She is behind us as Madonna, Isis, and we to carry Her work forward.

    Black Isis is that dark background of space which is our sea, its overlooked vastness greater than all the stars that float childlike in Her arms. Her milk is a latte with quantum foam!

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    My reply is here so as not to upset Solomon.
    Ζογκλέρ που Καταπίωει Φωτιές

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    Here are some pictures of my GW as it putrifys in my magnetite sand baths:
    (After a few weeks it looks very firey and does not smell bad anymore
    The sulfur principal is highly visible)

    The White Stone:

    The Red Stone:
    ( As you can see my mercury principal is still somewhat flighty, and part of her has crystallized above the stone and the magnetical energies of the magnetite have caused her to organized herself inwards like the dragons teeth, at this point my stone has lost its color of its purple sulfur of gold and has attained the fiery color of the gw's sulfur.)
    At this point there still emanates a very venomous spirit from the glass when it is opened, and as well my stone does flow like wax when heated but still with fumes, this indicates to me that its mercury is still not quite fixed and thus is not protected from the fire. But my stone does re-vitrify upon cooling and does have the power of transmutation but I will further fix and multiply.

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