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Thread: ain soph aur

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    ain soph aur

    Ain Soph Aur is the Hebrew/Kabbalistic unmanifest preceding the Tree of Life
    and its ten emanations/sephirot.

    Its literal meaning is "boundless (infinite) light"
    ain = nothing
    ain soph = boundless; limitless
    ain soph aur = boundless light

    playing with some words we also get:

    aur = gold
    soph-aur = sulphur
    soph-aur-ain = sovereign

    sometimes it is written "en soph aur":

    ens-offer/o-pher = bearer of the ens
    en suffer = in suffering

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    Ain(la-hem) Sof. "This is the term usually used for God, the Infinite Being. Each direction extends without limit , and in this respect, the Sefirot share a property with the Infinite Being. " Sefer Yetzirah- Aryeh Kaplan

    With 32 mystical paths of wisdom
    engraved Yah
    the lord of hosts
    the God of Israel
    the living God
    King of the Universe
    El Shaddai
    Merciful and Gracious
    High and Exalted
    Dwelling in Eternity
    Whose name is Holy-
    He is lofty and holy-
    And He created His universe
    with three books (Sepharim)
    ----with text (Sepher)
    ----- with number (Sephar)
    -----and with communication (Sippur)

    -From The Sefer Yetzirah- Ari Version
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    Peace and LVX

    Aliyah MM is my Sorror Mystica

    Frater L.R.

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