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Thread: magnetite water

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    Quote Originally Posted by solomon levi View Post
    A nice compendium of magnetite water and ormus technologies

    This guy got better, faster water by placing large circular magnets in the bottom.
    I'm gonna try that today.
    It's nice that someone else has verified that you can get three-day water in a shorter
    time by various means.

    My experience does not agree with this guy about how he says magnetic
    waters don't come close to magnetite water or that he never felt anything
    near what he feels with magnetite.
    But I do believe, as you say Leo, that these are different products - magnetite
    and magnetic waters.

    Great idea about the pelican with magnets.

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    Digging up this thread. This whole topic is interesting. However, I'm in the UK, and magnetite doesn't occur naturally here. The cheapest supplier of magnetite I've seen so far, from an Internet search, is this one:

    It does say that the first (and cheaper) type is natural rather than synthetic, although from their description it sounds as if it's crushed magnetite rock rather than occurring naturally as sand. I was surprised and rather amused to see that they actually mention "MEOW kettles" in the list of uses! Must be getting quite widely known - and since there are apparently so few magnetite suppliers in the UK, maybe they've had inquiries about it before.

    If it is indeed crushed magnetite rock, then presumably it's high-purity. suggests that this isn't, in fact, as effective as less pure sand that contains some non-magnetite sand. Based on that, I wondered if it might even make sense to dig up some plain sand (plenty of sand around here) and dilute the magnetite with that. It would also make the (not-all-that-cheap-especially-with-postage) magnetite go further! What does anyone here who has experience with magnetite devices think of that?

    There are so many variables - different water, different magnetite, different sizes of water bottle, different sizes of magnetite container, even, according to that link, possibly different conditions the "kettle" is kept in (how near the ground, how many electrical devices are running nearby). There's some information posted here about what different people are using and results they're getting, thanks, but maybe it would be useful to compare things and results a bit more.

    By the way, maybe this thread should be in the "ORMUS and Monatomics" section? Or not, don't know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bellsprout View Post
    However, I'm in the UK, and magnetite doesn't occur naturally here.
    I couldn't find any naturally occurring magnetite in Germany either, but since I relocated I found a small and relatively secluded and remote beach here that has plenty of it. If/when I go there again, I'll take some magnets and plastic bags to collect some. I've never experimented with it, so now I'll finally have the chance to see what all the fuss is about

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