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Thread: Manna- What is it?

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    Manna- What is it?


    "I began to dig into Egypt because in Egypt they were very careful recorders of information. The Egyptians were very methodical, very systematic and they recorded in stone, and so their recordings were very important, and they were kept for a long time. This is from The Book of the Dead, this is the oldest Book of the Dead, it's called "The Book of the Dead and the Papyrus of Ani". It's by Budge, the curator of the British museum. This is in the Papyrus of Ani, and the only reason, this is just a few of the pages, but what I am wanting you to see is the "what" and "is it". This question is being asked, they're talking about the changes that are going to occur as the godlike being, the Pharaoh, ascends to heaven, and they keep repeating this question. Move it on over where we can read the other side. They're talking about taking the tchefa food of the Gods, which produces the tchefa food of the Gods, behind the shrine, "Oh yea Gods who are in the Presence", it was called the Bread of the Presence. "I shall come into existence among you", and then, what then is it? You know, "which comes forth from the phallus of Ra".

    This is all symbolism, you got to not get into confusing the symbolism with what they're writing here. Their actual concept of the Creation was the "semen of the Father", who was Ra, the semen of God mixed with the blood, and they actually have him taking a knife and performing a circumcision on himself, and the blood and the semen mixed together. And that's how the world came into existence, how life began according to the Egyptians. And it is the semen of the Father in heaven and the material world, or the light and the material body. Anyway, I think we've got one more slide on it. And I ask you just get a copy of the "Book of the Dead and the Papyrus of Ani", and you'll see 40 pages of "what is it", "what is it", "what is it", "what is it". They make a few statements, they say so "what is it?", they make another group of statements, "what is it?", another group of statements, "what is it?" You know, they're talking about becoming triumphant, you know, over the evils, and ask the question, "What then is it?" The day of the fighting of Horus who is the sun of God, and they're throwing excrement in the face of Horus, and carrying off the testicles of Seth. Well the testicles are also associated with the Grail, you know, the wounding in the thigh is always the symbol, the testicles are the semen of the Father in heaven. We're from testicles, and so the wounding in the thigh is the losing of your testicles. It's the non-reproductive capability and that's why it's always associated, these phallic symbols, everybody tries to say it's associated with reproduction, and the male concept. It's not, it's associated with this. They were talking about the Eye of Horus, they ask, "What then is it?", the Right Eye of Ra. And curiously enough, I wanted to show you here, that the hair right here is actually the symbol, "who raises up the hair", this is the enlightening or opening of your eyes so you can see. And what they're referring to here is that Thoth raises up the hair there and "he bringeth it, the living, healthy and sound without defect of the eye". What he's talking about is opening the third eye, the lifting the eyelashes of the third eye, and you literally know all things, and see all things, and understand all things even though your two eyes here can't see it. Okay? Let's keep asking this question, "What then is it?" And, you know, it's just kind of strange coincidence, when you find they say two or three sentences, and then they ask the question, "What then is it?", they say another couple sentences and they ask the question, "What then is it?" And it's very understandable that the Hebrew people, when they left Egypt, they had been there for 5 and 6 generations, would call it by the very same name, the "What then is it?" And the word Ma-Na, if you look in the Travels of Josephus, he defines it in there as a question that literally translates to "What then is it?" The word Manna means, "What then is it?" The very same thing that the Egyptians were calling it in Old Kingdom Egypt, which was before the Bible."-David Radius Hudson

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    Manna can be different things, it can assume different forms and many things have been called manna. Basically if it had otherworldly powers and people wondered what it was they would say, "what is it ", or say "man-na".

    It could be truffles, or lichens or mosses or the the tamarix tree which some sources say was manna or a sap derived from it and this tree in particular comes the closest to the descriptions in some of the oak thread imagery in my opinion as well, maybe even more so than a mistletoe .

    Most agreed upon sources say manna was a dew or a substance sandwiched between dew. And maybe by that they meant sandwiched molecularly. But I see a commonality between all these items and that is in their waters, in that they are all mineral, well mostly, except for maybe the dew, and it maybe even contains the most volatile of the minerals that consist of these waters. We know that these waters are alkaline and that from them we can extract the mercury principal. We know these waters are essential to life and that the first life may have sprung from them. And we know that these waters and their derivatives go on to form minerals in the form of crystals and metals, some of which is bound up as volatile liquid in the crystal lattice and even fossil fuels as these waters ferment. Then its no wonder that alchemists went looking for these waters in plants, animals, minerals, coal(bitumen) in tracing them through the cycle of life of this planet, and so it would make sense that where we have water we have life, but plain H2O only hydrates these waters create and sustain life.
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    In a good translation of the book of Exodus, translated directly from Hebrew to English, it states: -the manna would descend on to the rocks with the dew of the morning... the Israelites would gather it from the rocks after the dew dried in the morning sun and would bake it into their bread. There are hints that this helped enlighten them and drew them form their "sinful" nature.

    I have studied the history of manna/mzkft for a while and find the subject very interesting.


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    I've read that translation as well, but another I read said that the the dew also resembled hoarsfrost and would disappear(deliquesce) when the sun rose. But maybe its just this simple:

    Notice the white coating is only on one side, in an arc circle fashion maybe this is where the dew is baked into the rock as the sun rises and the rest of the dew not in contact with the sunlight evaporates as the day warms up.

    And if it is maybe then that explains why in my dream the "flour" was everywhere laying on the stone steps.

    Bread of The Presence

    I think I'll bake a loaf today, maybe even throw in some mercurial waters and some oil of gold
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    Corpora arenacea

    Quoted by David Hudson: They were talking about the Eye of Horus, they ask, "What then is it?", the Right Eye of Ra. And curiously enough, I wanted to show you here, that the hair right here is actually the symbol, "who raises up the hair", this is the enlightening or opening of your eyes so you can see. And what they're referring to here is that Thoth raises up the hair there and "he bringeth it, the living, healthy and sound without defect of the eye". What he's talking about is opening the third eye, the lifting the eyelashes of the third eye, and you literally know all things, and see all things, and understand all things even though your two eyes here can't see it.

    So where then is this third eye located. In my opinion and the opinion of others:

    Quote Originally Posted by deviadah View Post
    ...Now the cells of all living beings emit photons at a rate of approximately 100 units per second and per square centimetre of surface area. It is DNA that is the source of this photon emission. DNA’s entrance within the human body is via the light receptor, which is the pineal gland, the single eye
    It lies here : the pineal gland but more specifically it is the Corpora arenacea(follow link) or "brain sand", that will calcify by your 3rd of 4th decade, in my opinion you must infuse this gland with as much of these mannas by holding them in your mouth and letting them absorb sublingually so they will get to your brain more directly, before it fully calcifys

    Could this sand be the True Stone of the Wise?
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    Tons of archetypes start coming to mind, no pun intended

    Let me name a few:
    You know how that saying goes that when a person gets old he gets set in his ways, and also the saying "well, you can't teach an old dog new tricks", could it be because this gland has calcified. If the third eye is truely the connection to the supernal light that is God and wisdom and truth , then one would want this eye/gland to remain as a childs, maybe then thats what Jesus meant by only those who are as a child can enter the kingdom of heaven.

    A book also comes to mind : The Golden Compass, and just in the name one can draw a deep alchemical connection in which a compass guides us "our moral compass" and "Golden" as in perfection, the perfection of metals . But there are many other archetypes present in it as well, that are highly alchemical. Most notable is that the story is set in a parallel universe where there is a "dust" that is magical and it is responsible for the daemons who walk side by side with humans as a physical mainfestation of their subconcious minds. In the story a childs daemon remains dynamic and doesn't not settle, but as the child ages and begins to see the world as the adults do in a more stagnant and dross way all the wonder and joy begins to leave them and their daemon settles in the form of a specific animal.

    This dust in our world then is much the same, as it will open your third eye to the knowledge of your subconsious and the knowledge of God which is eternal and timeless.
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    Hi leo

    I enjoyed your analogy of the dynamic daemons of the children to the stagnant demeanour
    of the adult and association between this stagnation and the fossilisation of the pineal.

    I loved Pullman’s, “His Dark Materials trilogy" and I felt that was what he was
    trying to imply too. I like to think my Daemon still has some dynamism.

    Some animals portray the pineal gland as an actual third eye as can be clearly seen on this

    The pineal gland has some other amazing characteristics too. It:
    Regulates circadian rhythms
    has been linked with aging.
    represents evolution’s earlier approach to photoreception.
    has profuse blood flow, second only to the kidney.
    produces melatonin stimulated by darkness and
    inhibited by light.
    is thought to be critical to the function of the yogic posture,
    Khecarī mudrā
    Historically, its location deep in the brain suggested to philosophers that it possessed
    particular importance This combination led to its being a "mystery" gland with myth,
    superstition and occult theories surrounding its perceived function.; and all this from an
    organ about the size of a grain of rice (5-8mm) in humans.


    Shaped like a pine cone; there is much symbolism related to the PINE-al gland some of
    which you can see here. (edited link 14:25 GMT)

    Dr. Jennifer Luke from the University of Surrey in England has done some studies on the
    effects of fluoride on the pineal gland and found that animals treated with fluoride had
    lower levels of circulating melatonin, as reflected by reduced levels of melatonin
    metabolites in the animals' urine. This reduced level of circulating melatonin was
    accompanied - as might be expected - by an earlier onset of puberty in the fluoride-treated
    female animals.

    suggests that SHILAJIT” should be used and gives links to a full article about Shilajit

    I only heard about Shilajit for the first time yesterday mentioned by Androgynus on this
    forum, and here it appears again. There is definite wyrding going on

    I will focus on my pineal gland when I meditate in future.

    Thanks Leo

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    Check you toothpaste, water provider and where this madness started...

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    Defintely, some wyrding going on I just woke up and was thinking about brushing my teeth and a little voice told me, ...what about the flouride?....and I started thinking about that connection as well. And i started wondering why they put flouride in it and in the water as well, as Horticult just mentioned, and I started thinking "conspiracy", again. Then I open this forum and thats the first thing I read about. Very Wyrd. I have noticed a change in me when I move to an area where they don't put flouride in the water.

    Androgynus' Shilajit post is what prompted me to start this thread and talking about mines as well, I'm glad you noticed the connections too.

    And that was a great post Ghislain, I drew the pine cone connection as well, and even the egyptian symbol for the shrew/show bread fits because its an elongated pyramid as well.
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    Here is a picture of some egyptian hieroglyphs in which the conical shew/showbread is depicted:

    Notice the ankh is always pictured side by side with the shewbread. And the human is offering the shewbread to a God and usually to Anubis, this I believe to indicate to mean to put it under the tongue. But you may also notice that the god is holding an ankh at the end of a staff to the mans forehead. I believe, as well as it is the assertion of others that the ankh is a sonic /sound device and maybe it is meant as an aid for de-calcification of the pineal gland/third eye along with the shewbread to remove its defect, kind of like how they remove kidney stones today. And maybe the shewbread is shaped like that (a mountain) to indicate where it should be harvested from and is in fact an indication of Shilajit.

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