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Thread: One Matter - One Vessel - One Fire

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    Hi Blacksmith,

    I just wanted to be as honest as I can here.
    I have experimented with water and the results where interesting.
    The same can be said about pretty much everything I have experimented with (materials,. physically lab wise).
    I do not want you to assume that the stone can be made from anything that anyone writes to you here; I also do not want you to assume that it can't.

    Something calls to me saying to keep an open mind and be open to communication in the form you would not typically expect. Be of good cheer and faith and work at selflessness and the answers will come. I do not say this because of any merit of my own however I know that the pure of heart and those who day by day work towards the unseen higher purposes of their life for unselfish purpose will get where they are going in due time.

    I only recommended you do the work with water as I have and found it to be a good learning exercise. I am unsure what potential lies within this direction of practise and do not take this as discouragement water is a very safe substance to work with.

    Please let us know how it goes!

    I also like schmuldvich's advice that I saw in a few places around here "you would be farther ahead than you are now if you would have put some "x" in a flask and observed it over some months." not a word-by-word quote and probably good advice in line with this thread.

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    I remember one german alchemists from RAM's collection called Rosenstein took the putrefied rainwater and made a stone out of it. Rainwater contains some unique impurities even to this day and it is my theory that those impurities can give lead to the true philosopher's stone.

    Here are some scientific proofs of my theory:
    Formerly known as True Puffer

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