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Thread: One Matter - One Vessel - One Fire

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    One Matter - One Vessel - One Fire

    Now that the cat is slowly crawling out of the bag...

    I want this to be a special thread, so everyone please lend a hand to make and keep it so...

    This is a PRACTICAL thread, related to the most simple and Universal of all Works: One Matter - One Vessel - One Fire.

    This is about the Practice by which the Stone may be had by anyone with a good understanding of nature, at close to zero expenses and with barely any need to put your hands to it. No complicated devices or technical/chemical skills required!

    I have a few simple requests for posting on this thread:

    * Please ONLY post here if you (not someone you know or heard of) are physically performing (or have performed in the past or are currently preparing to perform) this most simple and Universal of all Works, as described in the thread title.

    * NO philosophical debates and quarreling over opinions and interpretations. Let's make this about sharing, not fighting... so don't post here if you have a problem with diversity. We all have a common goal, and we're dreaming this together.

    * NO quoting of any writings other than your own, with the exception of quotes being plainly and directly related to the aforementioned practical Work.
    If the relation is not plainly and readily clear, then please explain/clarify it yourself.

    * If you desire to present a certain abstract concept, you must CLEARLY explain how it is directly related to your pactical work. Don't leave it hanging!

    * Everything you post here MUST be based on your own practical experience. Not anyone else's! If you're not actually doing this Work, then please don't post here!

    * Simple and easily intelligible posts, written in plain English. No parables, riddles or cryptic messages, please!

    * NO preaching, NO book/allegory/myth/bible thumping please!

    Examples of topics to be discussed here:

    The nature of the First Matter(s) and how/where it is to be obtained at its fullest potency.

    The nature of the preliminary preparations of the Matter.

    The nature/material/shape of the Vessel, and how it is to be most efficiently sealed.

    The nature of the External Fire which moves the Internal one, and how it is best attracted/focused/concentrated.

    The stages you have observed your Matter to go through in your Vessel.

    Please remember that noone is asking anyone to reveal more than they are comfortable to...

    Mr. Solomon Levi / Moderators - your help in keeping this thread's integrity will be greatly appreciated.
    If this thread turns out to be a failure, I'd rather have it deleted than having it miss its purpose. I hope you understand...

    Let's see where it goes from here...
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