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In a water trap,the water moves and get an induction from the magnetic fields.In the meow kettles,its the magnetic field thats moving,responding to the beat of the Planet!
According to another researcher (Viny Pinto) it is possible to decrease the required time for the treatment of MEOW water from 3 days down to three hours by employing "a powerful magnet configured with the magnetite sand in a unique geometry"
(source: http://ormuswater.vpinf.com/exp-products-1.html)

This implies to me that there is a mechanistic/causative relationship between magnets and MEOW water that follows simple rules. We could get the MEOW device in a beautiful scenery, use native magnetite, pray to god etc. but will this decrease the time from 3 days to 3 hours? I don't think so. As the soul neeeds also a body in order to be able to manifest, similarly science is a helper of Alchemy.

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Have you an idea of the possibile implications in Alchemy?.Here lies a great Secret,belive me.
Here is a quote from the air trap designer:
Aqua regia is not the only way to dissolve gold. The alchemists used 'Mercury'. This is a confusing kind of technical term. As a solvent, it is really about the fixation of the universal spirit in the air (also called Universal Mercury, i.e. LIFE) onto matter from any of the three kingdoms. It is a merging of Life energy and matter. The tangible matter which is usually a salt, after the life spirit has been fixed on it, has its chemical and physical properties seriously bent. A sublimate from this union acquires a new property in that it can now dissolve gold--no HCl/HNO3. Not a fantasy. Our group has done it
source: http://www.subtleenergies.com/ormus/tw/airtrap.htm

I don't know if you mean that this is "the Secret". I'm keeping a small basket.