I made a very cheap ormus trap based on this simple device:

But I didn't use a donut magnet but rather 4 rectangular magnets about 1 by 2 inches
and 1/4 in thick. I placed them around the pipe in a square fashion and their
attraction for eachother held them in place.

I got some milky water very quickly by running the hose through it. It was a bit sweet too.

I was always discouraged about the complexity of most traps but this one is very simple,
and cost me 10 dollars (the magnets were $8; a foot of pvc pipe, the "T" and a foot of cord)
and about 5 minutes to make!
I didn't use clamps and hoses - just pipe that fit snugly together - no glue or anything, and
the pipe fits snugly inside a water bottle or 2-liter pop bottle which I use for recipient.

I'll post pics soon.