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Thread: The Stone Finally Solved?

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    Talking The Stone Finally Solved?

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    I remember finding this one long ago. I have a big wooden pyramid that I could attempt it in. I just wish he'd give us more details like how to take this medicine, dosage, etc. Some of medicines can be very fiery. It sounds like the un-multiplied stone so its power would be very weak but continued use would give you results.

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    No black stage = not alchemical.

    And a transmutatory matter is not each time a Stone, neither a "red thing" (powder, crystal etc.) after some process.

    Sorry Josh, sorry Alwayson, it's not me who do the Laws of Nature :d

    My Works

    "I want to transmute everywhere" ~ The Spirit of Alchemy.

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    but it works though from personal experience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alwayson View Post
    but it works though from personal experience.
    Could you elaborate? What do you mean "it works"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Salazius View Post
    No black stage = not alchemical.
    Salazius is very right.

    Even in the most appearingly perfect whiteness/purity (like for example high purity sea-salt), there is blackness hidden.

    This blackness must be brought forward by Philosophical 'Exorcism' .

    Then the matter is cleansed via sequentially revealing and releasing its 'True Colors' and subsequently brought to a more Philosophical Whiteness and Purity.

    In the 'sea-salt' example, it would be a different 'White' than the one we started out with.

    It's inner blackness will be diminished, as will the rest of its original color spectrum content.

    Otherwise, the operation would not be Alchemical and not according to the Art of Philosophical Genesis.

    These are not dogmatic statements, it's simply the way things work. It is very much comparable to our own initiatory experiences.
    It may happen faster or slower, more visible or less visible, with some differences between various materials (or people) - but still, these are the same principles at work.

    For example, this may well be reflected in the 'infamous' Dew & Sea-Salt Path. (Even though sea-salt is not what I would personally work with)
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    Hi, yes, I would definitely not consider this the Philosopher's Stone. It would be considered a particular, and possibly grouped in the realm of archemy (of course, this experiment doesn't really fit into archemy as it is so novel). Also, as Salazius pointed out, just because such a product causes transmutation in base metals, does not mean it's alchemy, and actually, this would be the prime example of archemy.

    As the others pointed out, there is the black stage to consider, and this should not be overlooked. The death of the matter must occur. The purification of the matter must occur. Just as we excrete waste, so will the matter excrete waste, and it is this waste that is encountered in the putrefaction stage. The matter must be cleansed of this waste. As I see it, there are two ways to remove this waste: by fire, and/or with water.

    I would also like to know if this has been duplicated before. I know Joshua posts on this board. Maybe he can show some pictures? I have never seen pictures of this, but I've never really searched for them either.

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    Aleilius, this is probably where the idea originated:

    "The use of a pyramid to make ORMUS gold was even mentioned by a
    questioner in David Hudson's first Dallas lecture:

    "Well, what happened is, is we called Marion and Dean and said since
    you have this 24 foot square pyramid out in your back yard, why don't
    you take a piece of pure gold and hang it at the king's chamber exact
    location in your pyramid and see what happens to the gold. So Dean
    went out and said, "Well we're not using the pyramid right now for
    anything", so they took a glass of distilled water and they hung the
    little piece of gold, they actually took a gold Krugerrand coin, and
    hung it over the glass of distilled water, and left it for three
    days, and when Dean went back out there, it had this honey dew on the
    Krugerrand. So he dunked the Krugerrand in this glass of distilled
    water and drank it. Well he actually overdosed on it as you well
    know. It gave him a thorough cleansing, but Dean says now he feels
    like he's about 18 years old. And they're actually treating some
    people, friends of theirs who are ill, and they're having good
    results from it. I'm sure that they may have related this to you."

    I had read that someone followed up on this and had more [or more rapid] success by placing the coin in rum or vodka suspended in the center of the pyramid. Personally, I would first bring gold leaf down to at least a colloidal state - if not possibly further - to increase the surface area.

    I believe it is important to have sides on the pyramid. Dean Hardy [mentioned above] explains why in his book "Pyramid Energy: The Philosophy of God, The Science of Man."

    I really should try this with my copper genesa crystal.

    Also, Rochelle, Hirschlor Makes items such as pyramid grids from high-fire clay, black sand and muscovite mica [laminar crystals]. Although she makes pyramid grids which I consider to be of noteworthy power, she told me over the phone that she had made a larger pyramid in a new process wherein she placed a gold coin and experienced strong ormus effects from the residue or oil that manifested on it. That item is not yet on her site but could likely be special ordered.

    Related to this: It has been noted that by placing either or both of these items in water an ormus oil will eventually form:

    Actually, most of her laminar-crystal products seem to attract Ormus. I now have the large pyramid grid, and some other items, sitting in my 5-gallon water tank. I'm going to let it sit for a month or more to see what transpires.

    Regarding mica and pyramids, I find this interesting:

    "A few kilometers northeast of Mexico City stands the ancient site of Teotihuacan. The most striking visual and striking structure of Teotihuacan is the towering Pyramid of the Sun. The pyramid contained considerable amounts of mica in layers up to 30 cm (12 in) thick. The mica found in the pyramid of the sun has been identified as mined in Brazil, that is 3400 km from the pyramid complex."

    An article on shape-power transmutation:
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    Hi Albion, thank you very much for this information. It is very informative!

    You know, a few days ago on an ORMUS forum we were discussing "pyramid energy," and being the skeptic that I am I denounced that such energy actually existed, and that this gold coin experiment thing was actually a fluke of some sort (maybe even a hoax, although Joshua seems like an honest man).

    Now, I will state on the record that I have never experimented with this, and I do not know for a fact if it it possible. I suppose actual experimentation will suffice in this instance. I will have to try this for myself (even though I've screamed and fought over this a number of times before). Might even have to put my foot in my mouth if it does work!

    I also think you're absolutely right about using colloidal gold. I would like to see what would happen in this instance. Would the colloidal gold be reduced to its first matter (I believe the first matter of gold is ORMEs gold FYI)? How fast would this occur? It is very interesting to consider.

    Thank you again for an informative post. It's rare to find replies like yours!

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    It's the strangest thing, but after reading the links you presented it appears that the philosophical mercury is manifesting at this one third point of the pyramid. Now, the implications of this would be enormous if it were really true, and actually happening. I think we're getting into hyperdimensional torsion physics here. We're seeing a manifestation of the universal spirit from another dimension which appears to be directly related to geometry.

    Hmm, that's very odd. If I hadn't been refining my universal spirit extradimensional theory I wouldn't believe it, but I'll be damned - it's very intriguing. If this is the case, then this manifestation would occur in other geometric objects at a certain point (i.e. not just limited to pyramids). This needs to be confirmed to partially verify that we're dealing with hyperdimensional physics.

    Now, I have read that some believe orgone energy is manifesting, but I have never heard anybody try to make the claim that the philosophical mercury/universal spirit is manifesting at this point - I believe I am the first. If this were the case, then we can also confirm that orgone energy is the same as the universal spirit & the philosphical mercury.

    It would be phenomenal if any of this is true. It's quite possible that a number of theories can be unified, and proven if any of this can be verified with any scientific rigor.
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