We will not have a chance to know the man any better, now that he is dead. Therefore it is important to protect his memory from imaginative fictions such as the ones you proposed about him. If anyone has a genuine interest in clearing the record, Patrice Maleze and Mark Stavish are still alive and knew him well enough to comment on these matters.

Since Dubuis was an adept in both laboratory practice and an Adept in the truer sense of having completed the White Stone, the seeker after the Stone can benefit much from the material he has left behind.

"Oh death, where is thy sting? Oh grave, where is thy victory?"


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AB RK, just meeting someoene as opposed to really knowing them is the same difference as just having a passing interest in this art,.... its better to have never begun than to have said only a few words,... at any rate I don't think you have the foggiest notion of what I am refering to, and out of respect for the dead, and especially a man I admire I won't eloborate, nor do I think this is an appropriate discussion for this place.
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