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Thread: Pyramids

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    There's been some talk on the forums about pyramids lately, so I decided to post this. If you haven't read should.

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    Just a few of the points I found interesting:

    Silicon is actually a flinty, siliceous stone, and from a molecular point of view it contains one silicon atom and four oxygen atoms while, geometrically represented, it looks like a three-sided pyramid, as seen in figure 16. [Figure 16. Illustration of the SiO4 lattice (O = oxygen, Si = silicon)]

    If we take into account that quartz crystals in various degrees of purity make up to 30% of the Earth’s crust, and that quartz crystals are frequently used in today’s electronics, that it can be induced to oscillate in various ways, that it strengthens dimensional effects in the magnetic field, and that it is used for therapeutic purposes in today’s alternative medicine, we might begin to understand why this substance was so appreciated and used by ancient civilizations in the construction of their structures.
    Regardless of the brevity and conciseness of these explanations, I believe it must be emphasized that SiO4, when immersed into a container full of water, changes its energetic value, which is manifested through the modification of the surface tension of the water.

    Orgone is separating from water and moist underground chambers and tunnels because it has the tendency to stream from a lower energy level to a higher one, much unlike electric currents. Water and water steam in underground currents and tunnels shall release the accumulated orgone for yet another reason, this being the electropotential difference between the inner and outer charge of the pyramid. Th e pyramids have a powerful negative charge in their respective interiors, as opposed to the great positive charge which can be found on their outside and at the very top of the pyramid. Orgone is associated with negative ions.
    Figure 58. displays a simplified illustration of a pyramid as an orgone battery, with the use of water, the minus of the Earth and the plus of the sphere, which works according to the fundamental principle of a joecell battery.
    - All the orgone batteries that were manufactured up to this point use this simple principle. When there is water (any form thereof ) somewhere in the object’s interior, and the object has a sufficiently large electropotential difference, minus polarity on the inside, and plus polarity on the outside, orgone will start fl owing towards the surface of the object, or through a slanted tunnel (chimney) and curl into the air space.
    - With these explanations, we are often oblivious to the fact that there is a large amount of water in the compounds in all the construction materials, including those the pyramids were made of. Also, we often forget that there is lots of water in the moist air inside the underground tunnels and air chambers.

    – Gold foil placed in a pyramid attracts the plants, which lean towards the foil, eventually entangling it completely.

    – Galen Hieronymus, the designer of a scalar wave production device, was cultivating plants in a completely darkened room, with no sunlight whatsoever. One of the plants, which had a metal plate placed above itself, and the metal plate was connected with a metal wire to another metal plate at the roof of the house, was growing in a normal fashion, as if it was growing outside the house, although it had no access to sunlight. All the other plants died. Hieronymus believed that the biophoton quantums of the orgone energy of life, which came from the roof of the house into the dark cellar through a metal conductor, enabled the plant to live, and it survived without any visible sunlight, but with the help of this biophoton emission.
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    The piezoelectric property of crystalized SiO4 is interesting as well. There's some massive stress built up in the Earths crust, which certainly produces a sizable electrical current.

    I also liked how they illustrate the ability of trees to act as magnetic monopole antenna.
    Hieronymus' experiments would be a delight to replicate.

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    Speaking of Heironymus:

    To disintegrate an element and change it back to its units takes energy, the amount depending upon the way the energy is applied. Assume a very heavy weight suspended by a long chain. To cause this weight to oscillate over, e.g., one foot with one blow from a hammer might require a hammer of very large proportion and a giant to wield it.

    On the other hand, if a small boy gave the weight a push, then waited a bit and gave another push and another, all timed properly, the weight would begin to swing andintime would be swinging through the arc of one foot.

    When a single blow in the form of a fast-moving particle, such as a neutron or alpha particle, accelerated in a cyclotron, is the "hammer", and the nucleus of an element is to be broken up, the "hammer" must strike a tremendous blow (millions of electron volts) to crack the nucleus.

    On the other hand, if a small amount of energy is fed into the nucleus at its proper frequency, the nucleus will easily, slowly, quietly fall apart into its units, just by neutralizing the effect of the cohesive force or binding energy as it is sometimes called. Thus a little energy of proper frequency steadily applied may do more than an enormous amount of energy applied in the brute force manner.
    Hieronymus spoke of breaking apart/dissolving matter by resonance. Much the same as how gold can be radically dissolved by the philosophers mercury "without violence". Considering how any kind of energy can liberate particles from matter - heat, electrical or otherwise - I wonder what the effect would be of surrounding a vessel by a gas/liquid, like the bain marie, and slowly adjusting the heat until in resonance with a particular materia?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Albion View Post
    Gold foil placed in a pyramid attracts the plants, which lean towards the foil, eventually entangling it completely.
    I have a friend who makes pyramids of silicone, and then paints them with gold. Of course only small ones. Would be interesting to see the effect if a large one was built in pure gold.

    Maybe that's what those rich bankers have hiding in their vaults?

    Donít let the delusion of reality confuse you regarding the reality of the illusion.

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    According to Les Brown, a large wooden model will sufficiently shock the hell out of you

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dendritic Xylem View Post
    According to Les Brown, a large wooden model will sufficiently shock the hell out of you
    Full DVD available here:

    "This is a wonderful 2 hour DVD which presents one man's lifelong study of pyramids, crystals and their effects. Several of his original and very creative experiments are explained and diagramed out for experimenters.

    These experiments include;

    1) transmutation of zinc to lower elements using a tetrahedron
    2) energy extraction from a pyramid
    3) determining mathematic ratios of nature in a simple experiment
    4) accelerating the growth of food sources
    5) increasing the abundance of food sources
    6) how crystals amplify, focus and defocus energy
    7) using crystals to assist natural healing
    8) how the universe uses spirals and vortexes to produce free energy"

    Just saw the full DVD... mostly about crystals. A bit disconnected - but some interesting, useful points were made related to shape power. Worth it for me...

    Here is his pyramid book - free on scribd:

    Webpage discussing some aspects of the DVD:
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    Just stumbled on this while watching another video on youtube, some might find it interesting.


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