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Thread: "Compass of the Wise" released!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seth-Ra View Post
    I was under the impression it was meaning to merge the opposites of Sulphur/fire/spirit with Salt/earth/matter. (pointed out by the "compass") Just above it shows the fire with Sulphur, and water with Mercury, considering also the circle they are in, and how they are lined makes the symbol for salt too, and in some respect, squaring the circle, all in one. Balancing the 3 in the one. The Antimony would be the actual matter - and true to antimony's name "not alone" - consisting of the 3 in harmony by proper working from Below and Above into One.
    Interesting viewpoint...

    Quote Originally Posted by Seth-Ra View Post
    There is a good deal in this particular pic... can anyone tell me what the writing up in the top left and top right corners means? I tried using a translator and it either has something to do with the 15th of May, or perhaps at the 5th hour of the morning in May - but thats just what i was coming up with.
    Writing on the top SCH(A)MAIIM is a word found in the Hebrew Bible describing the upper fiery waters of Moses as described in Genesis.The word SCH(A)MAIIM or Shamajim is composed of two Hebrew words Aesch+Majim meaning Fire (igneous God's spirit)+Water with which everything was created in the beginning.
    You can learn a great deal about Shamajim in the book Opus Mago from Georg von Welling.

    Quote Originally Posted by Seth-Ra View Post
    The "j" and "B" on the pillars stumped me for a bit, until i thought the compass part makes a "O" and when i ran "j OB" in it translated it as "For the one". Interesting indeed...

    The letters J and B stands for the names of the two pillars Joachim and Boaz found at the entrance of the Solomons temple and built by the architect Hiram Abiff.
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