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Thread: Donate!

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    Exclamation Donate!

    I arranged it so it is possible to place a donation. For now I have placed a donate button at the top left of the forums.

    Any amount is appreciated from 1 dollar and upwards. Any money received through this PayPal account I've set up will go directly back into the forums. It will pay for things as fees and upgrades and technical support (if need be). No profits will be made from it, and I already got a job myself so I don't need the money - but I have always tried to make this a group effort...

    I want this forum to be our forum, not my forum, and if members have the possibility to contribute ideas as well as resources it will enforce this concept. Without the members sharing their thoughts this forum is meaningless.

    If you donate please send me a PM informing me of this and how much you donated so I can keep track of it, since it goes into my private account I need to be able to separate what is what!

    Anyone who donates get the title Patron of the Sacred Art underneath their username (it is also possible to donate anonymously). See who has donated so far here.

    Again it does not cost a lot to run this forum, but it does cost (around 250 dollars a year). The costs are mainly vBulletin, and this is the price to pay to be ad free I am afraid.

    And you don't have to donate to be liked, I expect nothing, but I have been asked about this before so now you can donate if you want to. Perhaps there can be some perks as well if you donate? Like being able to store more PM's or something like that? Suggestions?

    Update: if you donate you get 250 possible stored PM instead of the standard 50.

    * if I notice from possible donations that we are reaching amounts needed I will let everyone know so we don't pay more than we need... but I guess left-overs can also go to next years fees!
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