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Thread: Donate!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kibric View Post
    has anyone really taken the piss donating 10p or 5 Canadian cents ?
    Just the fixed PayPal fee is 35¢ (for EU countries) - not to mention the variable fee, which is a percentage of the transferred amount.

    So if anyone donates such amounts, it's like donating to PayPal. The recipient gets nothing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kibric View Post
    has anyone really taken the piss donating 10p or 5 Canadian cents ?
    No, not really. Normal small amount is often 5 or 10 dollars or something... usually people are generous. As we all should be, and not only with money.

    Don’t let the delusion of reality confuse you regarding the reality of the illusion.

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    Just a reminder to All the Members of Alchemy Forums, please donate
    to assist in the ongoing costs of this great meeting space that Awani has
    facilitated for our use.

    Many thanks again for the time and effort put into AF by Awani and the
    moderators. (Andro and Kiorionis)

    Quote Originally Posted by black View Post

    Awani, the administrators and members have contributed to this forum over many years to make this THE best alchemy forum on the web.

    I studied and worked in the lab for over 20 years, all the time searching
    for like minded souls but to no avail but then my prayers were answered and I found ALCHEMY FORUMS.

    This forum covers so many topics and it's archive is a cornucopia of PRICELESS information.

    It's a beacon of light to so many who find themselves lost in the labyrinth and hundreds if not thousands of guests search through this forum every week.

    This treasure trove needs to be cared for.

    We don't think much about spending some dollars on books or lab ware, but to
    donate dollars to Alchemy Forums I believe is an investment in knowledge
    and support.

    Generously, Awani doesn't charge for membership and the forum is open for everyone to read for free.

    I must say I was a little surprised to see only 22 names on the PATRON OF THE SACRED ART list, out of 457 members...and yes there are some anonymous ones too. Seeing this list has been a reminder that it has been a while since our last donation and prompted us to make it an annual ritual to pay our respects and show our gratitude. I would like to see the majority of members becoming patrons. Everyone can afford a small amount of change and if members donated every year it would make an enormous difference to the running costs of the forum providing support to those who support us!

    Many thanks again Awani, the admin, and to the PATRONS OF THE SACRED ART!!!

    Kind regards to all, Mr and Mrs Black
    Our hope is that those members reading this also feel the same way.

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