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Thread: Effective Microorganism [EM] Cosortium Brewing

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    Effective Microorganism [EM] Cosortium Brewing

    Following is some information on high-Ormus brewing by means of the EM [Effective Microorganisms] consortium consisting of various & sundry bacteria strains, yeasts, and a phototropic bacteria of the NSPB type.

    The main expert in, and proponent of, EM in the USA has been Vinny Pinto. His current primary website devoted to this topic can be found here:

    You may note there is a Yahoo forum for EM shown on that page.

    Years ago, Vinny's site was far more informative. I can only guess why he eventually cut out so much information. But, thanks to "The Wayback Machine" we can have access to those old pages:

    Please note that the highlighted topics in the INDEX are not elaborated on below the index but rather are distinct links to other pages - so you need to click on each index topic to get to that information! If you develop an interest in this, I suggest you print out all these pages in case the information disappears altogether.

    Vinny has also written an excellent book on "Advanced Brewing Techniques" available from the same company from which I buy my EM starter, Midland probiotics:

    [Depending on where you live, you may need to hunt for a different source.]

    Before Vinny there was Professor Higa [from Japan] who started it all [discovered the cooperative synergy of a consortium of bacteria and yeasts. His book [1 & 2] entitled "An Earth-Saving Revolution" would be worth purchasing if you ever decide to follow through with this [they seem to be out of the English translation. Perhaps would have it]:

    You might also wish to read "Sacred & Herbal Healing Beers" by Stephen Buhner - even though EM brewing does not have a significant alcohol content
    __________________________________________________ ____

    Briefly stated, I purchase a gallon container of "ProBio Balance TM Plus- 1 Gallon (formerly SCD EM Plus)" - which is higher in the possibly-ormus-producing NSPB.

    Eight ounces of the starter is used in each gallon jug of brew, so you can see this is basically rather inexpensive to produce.

    The starter is added to a jug mostly filled with water [in my case, a fair amount of dew-water, and young coconut water as well] molasses [sugar and minerals to get the consortium going] organic juice concentrates, etc [see my personal ingredients master list below].

    The gallon jugs [with an air-expansion hole punched in the top] are placed in a hot-box and kept at around 100 degrees Fahrenheit for at least 40 days, preferably twice that long [If/when I build a larger hot-box I'll experiment with 3 month to one year time durations].

    Somehow Ormus seems to be generated in the process, especially by the PNSB bacteria, which isn't surprising, given how alive it all is. But also, I am adding herbs and foods which are known to be high in Ormus anyway. I am sure you know that, for eons, certain civilizations have known that fermentation can increase the potency and/or usable elements from herbs. Some sort of transmutation may also take place. And fermented herbs in synergy may result in something greater than the mere sum of their parts. A regular contributor to the Ormus forums once opined that "EM & Ormus are kissing cousins." I always felt that was well put.

    I also add various crystals/stones [such as moldavite] and laminar-crystal" products to the jugs. Under the jugs, my hotbox has a 2-inch layer of magnetite sand and powdered mica [etc.] which serves to maintain even heat temperatures at the bottom of the box [the heat source is full-spectrum lighting and a ceramic heating-element above the jugs] and also contributes, theoretically, some energy factors.

    The brew is kept in the acidic end of the spectrum. Technically speaking, you are supposed to check it every day at the beginning with PH paper, but I've never had a batch give me any problems, so all I ever do is shake the jugs once per week, at most, to circulate the clay and herb sediment. This is one sort of farming that requires very little attention. The main work is setting up the ingredients. And, I should mention here that on no occasion do I ever include everything on my list. For example, a combination of kelp and grape juice would be simply unbearable. I'm not aiming for award-winning taste because I don't think that's even attainable here. Rather I want subtle-energy potency within my range of acceptable palatability.

    Also in the hotbox are some bottles with my [supposedly] monatomic gold [processed gold leaf] in dew, which has been aging. At some point during the brewing process - when I feel the consortium is well-established, I add the [supposedly] monatomic-gold mix to each jug and let the critters "have at it."

    Below is my own EM ingredients list, from which I select available & compatible elements for any given brewing run:


    EM Starter [10 - 12 oz per gallon]

    Molasses [10 - 12 oz per gallon]

    Cera-C Ceramic Powder [Encourages bacterial proliferation]

    Kelp Powder [High in Ormus Gold]

    Young Coconut Water [High in Ormus, enzymes, minerals, etc]

    Aloe Vera [High in Ormus Rhodium / Iridium]

    Cream of Tartar [Potassium bitartrate, AKA potassium hydrogen tartrate]

    Wu-Jin-San Fulvic Acid / Shilajit [gold-content variety]

    Sea-Crop [Contains Ormus and sea-water minerals. Stimulates bacterial proliferation. Salt may take colloids out of solution so be careful to use small amounts]

    Gold Leaf [Processed to colloidal or possibly monatomic state, added later in the process]

    Molybdenum [Nutricology liquid Molybdenum - NSB like it]

    Colloidal Palladium [Drinks up hydrogen to add to gold for gold hydride]

    Colloidal Platinum

    Pyroclay and Ormalite [Silica may contain Ormus Gold / Ormalite high in Ormus]

    Dew [from within the 5-day full-moon window]

    Malic Acid [assists NSB bacteria]

    Vitamin C [Pureway type]

    L-Tryptophan [possible DMT precursor]

    Grape Juice Concentrate [one 12 oz can per gallon] / Fresh Grape Juice [High in monatomic gold]

    Wild Blueberry Puree

    Cherry Extract Powder [Now Brand]

    Slippery Elm Bark Powder [High in Ormus Rhodium / Iridium]

    Chyawanprash [44-herb Ayurvedic formula. High in Ormus Rhodium / Iridium]

    Korean Ginseng


    Astragalus Root Extract [May help encourage Stem Cell proliferation]

    Holy Basil, Shankhapushpi, Grape Seed Extract, Gingko Biloba, Bacopa, Ashwagandha, Bringraj, Ho-Shou-Wu

    Starbabies Laminar Crystal Marbles

    Moldavite Crystal [asteroid], other crystals, gemstones.

    A 3” deep heat-ballast layer of magnetite.
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