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Thread: Death of the French Alchemist Patrice Partamian

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    Death of the French Alchemist Patrice Partamian

    Hi everybody,

    Maybe you don't know him, he was well known in the Alchemical and Spagyrical circle in France, because he was a disciple/student of Armand Barbault.

    He passed few days ago, at 59 years old and we wish him a good transition.

    I made a little article on my blog here sorry, in french) :

    If you can read the letter at the end of the article, it is very very profound and it is such a marvellous message, that every alchemist should remember while working upon matter.


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    A video featuring Patrice Partamian

    [in French with English subtitles]:

    Alchemy: Science & Spirituality

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