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Thread: Chinese Alchemy

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    At the moment, such experimentation is far out for me. I shall first realize my immediate tasks before I consider further journeys, spending time on what is out of reach yet would be a waste.
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    I wouldn't do that with Ginseng, Red Ginseng or Korean Ginseng and many Chinese herbs should be taken at a certain dosage and concentrating them could be harmful, with Ginseng some in China report nose bleeding and I myself felt great after taking Red Ginseng in tea but afterwards had a rash in my hands and the Chinese doc told me to stop taking the ginseng, he said that American ginseng is milder but the red is too powerful, the Ginseng you find online and in various businesses (shops, online) are not the real thing, in China they sell cheap Ginseng BUT the real thing from the mountains will set you back 3,000RMB or much more for a smallish root, that's maybe 300 dollars or so.

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