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Thread: Spiritus Mundi

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    So since basically all the basic info on SM is now publicly available, are we allowed now to talk opening about its manifestation?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Schmuldvich View Post
    Of course.

    I want to see/hear what people will disclose publicly.
    A certain member of this forum told me that this was an excellent magnet for Spiritus Mundi. It will only work if Vitriol is spread very thin like a film on the surface of the vessel, larger quantity will drown it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by elixirmixer View Post
    So since basically all the basic info on SM is now publicly available, are we allowed now to talk opening about its manifestation?
    Hi elixirmixer and everyone

    me and mine have always done and we always do and we will always talk openly and explicitly about the various hypotheses? of experiments on SM (and its hypothetical existence? attraction? coagulation? etc) SM AND OF THE VARIOUS SECRETS ALCHEMIC ARCHANS and what we are doing together (as I already said in various posts at example see post
    Quote Originally Posted by alfr View Post
    push link at this post
    etc )
    with various fields and in many very serious and very qualified European environments and we do it with translations of manuscript texts RC publications and commentaries etc
    and with all personal respect to us and our international friends and groups sorry but little or nothing I care about the opinions contrary to it

    (nb and dear friends opsoleti and closed alchemisti let's speak clearly and honestly up to now with all the experiments done (as I said widely in other posts) no one here and in other environments more than small results and some interesting red or white wax or solvents more or less philosophical or svp or the famous white butters or white salts of diana no one has got anything more than that in fact no one has got any serious and copious metallic transmutation no serious regeneration no serious care and this obviously obviously applies to us and to friends and groups who collaborate together in Europe etc with us and we too have only arrived at all of this and these above are all results that we consider small motorcycles
    and therefore we take note of what and now we leave room for science and scientists oriented in the alchemic path that perhaps they will be right of the secrets so jealously concealed from mentality with all personal respect but now opsolete)

    and NB I-we will continue to do so as they do together with us many in Europe in very qualified environments are and more and more will do so by the freedom of thought word and disclosure are essential, and that is with peace of mind who is against the wind of knowledge and of the alchemical disclosure certainly will not stop to blow and renew for the opinions of closure of others that are now outdated by science and history itself and the future

    imminent future that has arrived wake up and therefore we go out from the usual and stale alchemical closures that are mentality now and not adequate neither to science and to history
    nb science that in fact enters fully into the alchemical and perhaps exceeds it es research on sulfuro de hidrˇgeno. and its connections with sm etc etc and therefore prepare to welcome it and alchemy in this future will have a great component and that will be seen ( as I have already said in many posts) gradually very soon it will be seen at international level with (as I already said) an important series of publications and with the opening of public foundations of scientific alchemical research etc etc
    and all very soon, thanks also to that gradually everything will change and the alchemical science will have a real role that belongs to it in our future and soon we will see it

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,

    Quote Originally Posted by elixirmixer View Post
    So since basically all the basic info on SM is now publicly available, are we allowed now to talk opening about its manifestation?
    salve elixirmixer e a tutti

    io e i miei lo abbiamo sempre fatto e sempre lo faremo e parleremo sempre apertamente ed esplicitamente delle varie ipotesi ? di sperimentazioni sullo SM (e sua ipotetica esistenza? attrazione ?coagulazione ? etc ) SM E DEI VARI SEGRETI ARCANI ALCHEMICI e cio lo stiamo facendo unitariamente e cio lo stiamo facendo unitariamente (come gia dissi in vari post ed esempio vedi post
    Quote Originally Posted by alfr View Post
    premi link di questo post
    etc ) con vari ambiti e in molti ambienti molto seri e molto qualificati europei e lo si fa con traduzioni di testi manoscritti RC pubblicazioni e commentari etc
    e con tutto il rispetto personale a noi e ai nostri amici internazionali e gruppi scusate ma poco o nulla mi ci importa delle opinioni contrarie da cio

    (nb e cari amici opsoleti chiusi alchimisti parliamoci chiaro e onestamente fino ad ora con tutti gli esperimenti fatti (come gia ho detto ampiamente in altri post ) nessuno qui e in altri ambienti piu che di piccoli risultati e qualche cera rossa o bianca interessante o solventi piu o meno filosofalili o svp o i famosi burri bianchi o sali bianchi di diana nessuno ha ottenuto nulla piu di cio infatti nessuno ha ottenuto una nessuna seria e copiosa trasmutazione metallica nessuna seria rigenerazione nessuna seria cura e questo ovviamente vale ovviamente anche per noi e gli a amici e gruppi che collaborano unitariamente in europa etc con noi e anche noi solo a tutto cio siamo arrivati e questi sopra detti sono tutti risultati che noi riteniamo moto esigui
    e dunque prendiamo atto di cio e ora lasciamo spazio a scienza e scienziati orientati nel sentiero alchemico che forse forse avranno ragione dei segreti tanto gelosamente occultati da mentalitÓ con tutto il rispetto personale ma ormai opsolete )

    e NB noi-io continuer˛ a farlo cosi come fanno unitariamente a noi molti in europa in ambienti molto qualificati lo stanno e sempre piu lo faranno facendo la libertÓ di pensiero parola e divulgazione sono imprescindibili e cio con buona pace di chi Ŕ contrario il vento della conoscenza e della divulgazione alchemica certo non si fermerÓ di soffiare e rinnovare per le opinioni di chiusura di altri che sono ormai superate della scienza e dalla storia stessa e dal futuro

    imminente futuro che Ŕ arrivato svegliamoci e dunque usciamo dalle solite e stantie chiusure alchemiche che sono mentalitÓ ormai e non adeguate ne alla scienza ne alla storia
    nb scienza che di fatto entra a pieno titolo nell'ambito alchemico e forse lo supera es : ricerche susulfuro de hidrˇgeno. e sue connessioni con sm etc etc e dunque prepariamoci ad accoglierlo e l'alchimia in questo futuro avra una grande componente e cio si vedrÓ (come gia dissi in molti post ) gradualmente molto presto cio si vedra a livello internazionale con( come gia dissi ) una serie importanti di pubblicazioni e con l'apertura di fondazioni pubbliche di ricerca alchemico scientifica etc etc
    e tutto molto presto grazie anche a cio gradualmente tutto cambiera e la scienza alchemica avra un vero ruolo che gli compete nel nostro futuro e presto cio lo si vedra
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    Quote Originally Posted by Schmuldvich View Post
    I am not looking for anything other than what people are willing to discuss. It is intriguing to me to hear peoples' opinions and personal discoveries however fruitful or fruitless they may be.

    As far as relationships go, I am truly not too interested in such endeavors but there are a few members here and elsewhere that I consider "close" and whose opinion I value more than others. For the most part though, the "secrecy" is amusing.

    The "disclosure of who has the SM" isn't anything that most are willing to discuss. Those who "have it" (haha) keep their mouth shut, but again...most people here have nothing worthwhile.

    Sometimes we may need to remind ourselves that :

    Alchemy is The Secret Art.

    Why do you think that the secrecy is amusing ?

    Mod Note: Continued here: Secrecy & Alchemical Initiations

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