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Thread: Spiritus Mundi

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    Perhaps this image will be the most successful (from my point of view). An archetypal expression of the incarnation process. Or the interaction of Spirit and matter. Or the birth/incarnation of SM. I can hardly put it more precisely.
    One can consider the upper part as a present but unmanifested SM. The lower part as embodied/manifested. By means of the central part/gate.

    Please forgive me if I repeat myself. Because this image has already been mentioned earlier in this topic. But now that my eyes are open...I just don't know how to put it into words.

    ...I am eternally grateful to you, friends. Andro, Salazius, the Green Lion and all the others whom I have not mentioned, but who so patiently and carefully guide people like me. All these years...Your words, your works, your's hard to overestimate. It's priceless!
    This unspeakable thirst for truth and knowledge literally devoured me from the inside. It was something on the verge of madness, obsession and despair...You have given me peace of mind. Against the black abyss that was inside me...Thank you, Andro. Thank you, brothers. I am restrained in my words. But with tears in his eyes.
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